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Hannity A Great American On Casey Anthony Verdict

Reported by Ellen - July 6, 2011 -

Believe it or not, I applauded Sean Hannity throughout his entire show last night (7/5/11) – all devoted to the Casey Anthony verdict, like almost everything else on Fox News yesterday. I expected the kind of hammy outrage I saw from Bill O’Reilly and elsewhere on Fox News, an “It’s O.J. Simpson all over again” kind of response. Instead, Hannity stood up unequivocally and even eloquently for our legal system and its “innocent until proven guilty” standard. For that, I salute him.

For the record, I am monumentally uninterested in Casey Anthony, her family and whether or not she was found guilty. I'm not planning to write about her or the trial again. But I do care about our justice system and the kind of lynch-mob mentality that has been displayed against her in the media - now ready to turn on the jury. Hannity could have yammered melodramatically about justice for the little girl that would have fed into what he surely knew were his audience's emotions. Instead, he stood up for American principles.

Here’s some of what Hannity said in one representative segment from last night’s show:

The standard is very clear… whatever evidence (from the prosecution) was presented in this case was contradicted or totally impeached by the defense and therefore, I don’t see how they (the jury) could have come to another conclusion.

…This is the thing about our system. I really want to get to the answer here. All of those things about Casey (Anthony) that disturb everybody and that raised real suspicion… (People) were speculating for good reason because of her lifestyle, the way she reacted to this and the lies that she told. But that doesn’t convict somebody of murder.

Of course, Casey Anthony was white and, as far as I know, not a Democrat or liberal activist. Still, when pigs fly and I'm mentally sending props to Hannity for an entire hour - especially when I've spent years highlighting his self-serving punditry - I've got to be more overt about it.

Here's my favorite thing Hannity said:

Everybody in Orlando has a right to be mad tonight for this reason – not because of the jury. They shouldn’t be mad at the jury. I think people have every right to be mad at Casey Anthony for her behavior – as it relates to the lies and as it relates to her not reporting it, and as it relates to her dancing at a time when any reasonable person – look, maybe she’s got problems beyond which we know but this is what separates America - and the people that are commenting on this with almost a football, Superbowl atmosphere about her guilt didn’t listen for the evidence. And that’s what makes our system better, unique, not perfect but special. You’re innocent until proven guilty. It is the prosecutor’s responsibility and sole responsibility to make that proof and they did not meet that standard here.

Look, up in the sky! It's a whole flock of pigs!

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