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Fox & Friends Does "Public Service" In Encouraging IRS Complaints Re Media Matters

Reported by Priscilla - July 6, 2011 -

It's funny. While the "fair & balanced" Fox "News" has their clean, white panties in a wad about how the evil, librul Media Matters is not engaging in "honest debate" in their campaign against Fox "News," Fox's response has not been a debate but rather, a series of personal attacks against MMFA and it's president David Brock and vice-president Ari Rabin Havt. Fox & Friends, "the morning happy-talk show that Ailes uses as one of his primary vehicles to inject his venom into the media bloodstream," seems to have been tasked with spearheading the attack. Last week, Steve Doocy hosted Jordan Sekulow, from the right wing, "marriage protecting," Christian, partisan 501 3C ACLJ, to validate Fox's position regarding "that lefty website." On Friday, Doocy and Alysin Camerota interviewed a member of the Fox nation who had filed the Fox Nation promoted IRS complaint about MMFA's 501 3C status - a complaint that Fox Nation has been promoting for several weeks. On Sunday, Fox & Friends reinforced their whine about Media Matters to Ann Coulter who also reinforced their whine. Yesterday's Fox pity party revved up with Brian Kilmeade's attack on Rabin Havt and Doocy's hosting of Dr. Keith Ablow's attack on David Brock couched as psychoanalysis. Kilmeade also urged the audience to go to the mythical nation of Fox and link to the complaint. Fox management has obviously decided that the IRS line of attack is a good one and today's memo from management, to Fox & Friends, is very clear.

Aile's "lackey" Steve Doocy reminded the audience about how his show has been telling the viewers that Media Matters is using your tax dollars to launch an all out war against Fox News. The chyron was vintage agitprop: "Media Matters' Attack on Fox , MMFA Files As 501 3C But Are They?" Doocy produced a "Brainroom" chart which showed that the bulk of MMFA's reports are about Fox. (awww). For his "fair & balanced," debate he introduced the very right wing Mark Tapscott of the very right wing Washington Examiner. Tapscott said that a tax exempt organization can't "comment or be involved in any way within a partisan campaign." (LOL - like the tax exempt Chamber of Commerce which gave GOP candidates a boost in the last election and the Catholic Church along with a whole host of other right wing religious groups who are up to their eyeballs in partisan campaigns to defund Planned Parenthood and defeat gay marriage.) He claimed that MMFA is engaging in a partisan campaign against Fox. The partisan message was reinforced on the chyron: "Tax Paid Propaganda, Media Matters Get Federal Subsidies" (Just like those anti-gay marriage groups who get federal subsidies for pushing their homophobia). Doocy did his comic facial schtick when he said that MMFA has "freedom of speech but they shouldn't get a tax break." Tapscott said that they shouldn't get a tax break for accusing others in the journalism community of being "a partisan tool." (And Fox isn't?!) Doocy said "sure" and quoted Brock as saying that Fox is the "def-facto leader of the GOP." (Well, if not the leader, very high in the command structure!) The chyron continued the message: "Political Activity Attack, Brock's War On Fox May Make Site Illegal."

Doocy introduced a new Fox management meme with his question of whether MMFA is a "defacto wing of the Democratic party." Tapscott said that they're nitpickers. More chyron propaganda: "Tax Free Funds, Taxpayers Subsidizing MMFA's War on Fox." Doocy said that Fox & Friends has gotten e-mails from folks who have complained to the IRS. Tapscott actually said - are ya ready for it - that Fox is "doing a public service" by encouraging people to file the complaint to the IRS. He whined that the IRS goes after Christians and anti-abortions groups but that they need to have "public pressure" about this issue. More chyron pity party: "Harsh Words for Fox: "Media Matters: 'Guerilla Warfare & Sabotage." (Awww)

Comment: Can you imagine the outrage, on Fox, if MSNBC were urging viewers to contact the IRS about - say - churches and "family values" groups which engage in "partisan campaigns!" But yeah, right, Fox News is "fair & balanced" and Roger Ailes isn't a GOP operative. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...


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