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On Fox & Friends: Dr. Keith Ablow Attacks David Brock of Media Matters

Reported by Priscilla - July 5, 2011 -

Whenever Fox "news" wants to add some professional panache to whatever or whomever they are attacking, they bring in Dr. Keith Ablow a right wing partisan hack and Glenn Beck pal The subjects of Ablow's latest attacks were Chaz Bono who, as a transgender indivual, earned Ablow's scorn and Bill Maher, who made snarky comments about Bristol Palin - a veritable Madonna figure for the right wing. But now that Fox is locked in battle with Media Matters, who better to smear David Brock, the president of Media Matters, than none other than the good doctor Ablow who appeared, this morning, on Fox & Friends, "the morning happy-talk show that Ailes uses as one of his primary vehicles to inject his venom into the media bloodstream." And today's venom was directed not just at Media Matters but at both the president and vice-president of the organization. Brian Kilmeade hosted an attack on MMFA's vice- president, Ari Rabin-Havt and Steve Doocy provided, with the assistance of Dr. Ablow, a segment that wasn't exactly "honest debate" - something that, according to Kilmeade and his guest, Juan Williams, is not being done by Media Matters. Oh, the irony.

Steve Doocy began by telling us how Fox "has been telling you about that lefty website, Media Matters and its use of taxpayer money to attack Fox News." He showed a picture of the "ringleader," of Media Matters, David Brock and asked "what goes on inside his head" - a clever segue into his introduction of his psychiatrist guest, Dr. Keith Ablow who appeared over the agitprop chyron "Questionable Credibility, David Brock's History." Doocy asked Ablow what he found in his "psychological profile" of David Brock. Ablow diagnosed Brock as having "low self esteem" and needing to be "reassured that he is a decent guy." He brought up Brock's description of himself, in the 90's, as a right wing hitman who was dedicated to bringing Clinton down. The chyron: "Media Matters targets Brock, The New Strategy is a War on Fox." While Ablow didn't have a problem with his pal Glenn Beck's incendiary rhetoric, he cited how Brock uses "violent rhetoric" about "bringing the other father figure to his knees." He claimed that Brock switches sides to get more acclaim.

Doocy said that Brock is "an admitted liar" and cited a passage from Brock's book about Anita Hill.The chyron: "Tax Paid Propaganda, Liberal Media Gets Federal Subsidies." Ablow said that Brock projects his self hatred to get love. He mentioned that there are sexual connotations to Brock's comments. Fox continued to play the victim with this chyron: "Targeting Staff, Group Conducts Research on Fox Workers." Ablow then suggested that Brock has abandonment issues because he's adopted - ROFLMAO - So is Andrew Breitbart who has made a point of saying that although he was adopted by Jews, he is not ethnically Jewish. Ablow's point underscored (literally) by chyron: "Questionable Credibility, David Brock's History." As Doocy said hmmmm, Ablow, without specifics, referred to a lie, supposedly told by Brock, to get the editorial position on his college's newspaper. He described him as a narcissist. (Bill O'Reilly?) He said that Brock switched sides because his book on Clinton "didn't do that well." He finished by saying that Brock is "a very dangerous man."

Comment: Rather than filing complaints about Media Matters, perhaps complaints could be filed with medical professional boards of review regarding Dr. Keith Ablow's defamation of character, on national TV, disguised as a psychiatric evaluation? Instead of arguing issues of free press and tax exemption status, Fox "News' is engaging in personal attacks on David Brock and Avi Ruben-Havt. The term "have you no shame" comes to mind.

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