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Fox News Tweet Du Jour – Irony Alert

Reported by Aunty Em - July 5, 2011 -

While it seems pretty early in the day to be choosing a Fox “News” Tweet Du Jour, it’s a fair bet that nothing better than this is going to come in over the transom today. Today’s your lucky day, Dave Briggs. Briggs is one of the Curvy Cats on the Curvy Couch on Fox and Friends Weekend, the bullpen for the main Fox and Friends weekday show. Let’s take a look at his tweet before News Hounds breaks it down:


Dave’s tweet seems silly on its face. But being a silly tweet is not what makes this a Fox “News” Tweet Du Jour. If it were, every Fox “News” personality would have one by now. Brigg’s tweet references a silly little OpEd piece in the LA Times over the weekend by Gregory Rodriguez. But referencing a silly article is not what makes this a Fox “News” Tweet Du Jour. If it were, every Fox “News” personality would have one by now. No, the real reason this qualifies as a Fox “News” Tweet Du Jour is because of the subject matter of the LA Times article. This is how it begins:

Kim Kardashian's butt is real. Some haters said it was fake. To prove them wrong, she had a doctor take X-rays to show that it was implant-free.

Odd as it sounds, when a symbol of trumped-up celebrity has a part of her anatomy authenticated, it's a perfect expression of Americanness. So, on this Fourth of July, I'm adding Kim Kardashian's butt to the list of the things I celebrate.

Americans have a complicated relationship with authenticity.

Nothing describes ‘Merkin’s complicated relationship with authenticity more than the ratings for the Fox “News” Channel. Everyone in the reality-based communities knows that “Fair and Balanced” is as meaningless a slogan as “New and Improved.” Yet Fox “News” viewers and Fox “News” personalities like to pretend that what Fox “News” delivers is “authentic news.” The reality is that fact-checking Fox “News” has grown to be a cottage industry and no single entity has the manpower to keep up with all the mendacity.

And that’s why Dave Briggs is awarded the Fox “News” Tweet Du Jour. Awarded for supreme irony.