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Brian Kilmeade Attacks Ari Rabin-Havt of Media Matters & Instructs Viewers To File IRS Complaint.

Reported by Priscilla - July 5, 2011 -

As Jon Stewart said, "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished." True that. So true, in fact, that they are now including themselves as "victims" of the evil Media Matters which, as admitted by Media Matters David Brock, is engaging in a "war" against poor, little Fox "News." Fox is fighting back and today Fox & Friends doubled down their war on Media Matters by attacking the vice-president of the organization. Never mind the war on Christmas and the war on Christians. There's a war on Fox "News" which is the newest in a long line of conservative "victims." Looks like Fox's support of free speech, extended to Christians at every opportunity, isn't extended to Media Matters. Poor, persecuted, partisan Fox. Want some cheese with that whine! On a more serious note, when Fox issues a fatwa, harassment and threats follow. Nuff said.

Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade immediately launched into the talking point about nasty Media Matters. "We've been telling you how David Brock and Media Matters are using taxpayer dollars to launch a war on Fox News led by the site's founder David Brock." The chyron reinforced the agitprop:" Leading the Attack: A Look at the VP of Media Matters." Kilmeade began the personal attack. After saying "listen to his second in command," Kilmeade played video of Ari Rabin-Havt speaking to a group in London, in January, about how Media Matters fact checks conservative media. After he said that "our fight, has changd recently" Kilmeade said "really" as the chyron provided more propaganda messaging: "Leading theAttack ,a Look at the VP of Media Matters."He didn't play the rest of the comment in which Rabin-Havt talked about the damage that the Murdoch empire has done to government and journalism in the US. Part of the address referenced how Glenn Beck provided inspiration for three individuals who were on the way to murder those people who had been targeted by Beck.

In introducing Juan Williams, he used the title of William's new book, "Muzzled, the Assault on Honest Debate" to ask Williams if "there's an honest debate by an organization that say's they're a watchdog for the media when they're really going after Fox News. Who is this guy Ari." More chyron agitprop messaging: "Media Matters Ringleaders, Rabin-Havt Uses Your $ to Target Fox News." Williams, a loyal Fox foot soldier, provided the requisite Fox propaganda talking points. He said that once upon a time, MMFA did provide honest monitoring of media "but what you're hearing from Ari-Rabin Havt is that they're doing "opposition research." (Like what Fox "News" does for the GOP?) Williams provided a ROFLMAO moment with this gem: "They're trying to ruin people's lives, reputation because they disagree with their politics." He added "they really don't like Fox News. (Awwww) He noted that they're going after him and the private lives of Fox producers and executives. Kilmeade said that they go after him, too. (Awww) In a reprisal of the right wing attacks on David Brock, after he left the right wing slime machine, the chyron read "Media Matters Founder, David Brock's Questionable Credibility."

He read some "unbelievable" quotes from Rabin-Havt regarding reaching out to disgruntled Fox employees. Williams said that Rabin-Havt is a Democratic political operative with no journalism experience. More messaging chyrons: "Funding the War on Fox News, Taxpayers Subsiding Liberal Media's Attacks," "Tax Paid Propaganda, "Media Matters Gets Federal Subsidies," and "Fox Under Fire, Gov't Funded Group Launches 'War' on Fox News." Williams, not a lawyer, said MMFA is engaging in a "clear violation of the law." He said that he didn't think even evil, librul NPR would do this - but they "stigmatize people by only giving one point of view." He reiterated that MMFA "attacks in a way to ruin your personal life and your business." (And when Bill O'Reilly attacked abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, he ended up dead. Other people, attacked by Glenn Beck, could have ended up dead.) He said that MMFA isn't engaging in "honest debate." (Maybe Ari Rabin-Havt could have been part of this "debate?")

The Fox chyron then went got to the meat of the matter - are ya ready for it - "Visit Fox Nation.Com To File a Complaint Against Media Matters. Kilmeade then told his viewers to go to Fox Nation where they could download the IRS complaint.

Comment: This segment certainly shows that Fox News is more interested in personal attack as opposed to "honest debate." And that just underscores what Rabin-Havt said about Fox News - "a lethal, partisan political operation."

And one more thing - Don't ya love the community organizing being done by Fox "News?"

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