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On Fox & Friends: Hate Group President, Dan Stein, Attacks "Illegal Aliens" At Dream Act Hearing

Reported by Priscilla - July 4, 2011 -

It's ironic. As part of their attacks on Planned Parenthood, the right wing claim that their founder, Margaret Sanger, espoused a philosophy of eugenics - a belief system that advocates for a society free of people considered to be inferior. Thus, it's ironic that their media mouthpiece, Fox News, while having provided Glenn Beck with a platform from which to rail about what are considered to be Sanger's eugenics views, has provided and continues to provide some sweet air time for the Federation for American Immigration Reform whose founder was a racist and which has taken big bucks from racist groups involved in - are ya ready for it - eugenics. Because of its underlying racist beliefs which inform its views on immigration, it has been designated as a "Hate Group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. But they do seem to be welcome on Fox News which, as the newsroom for "real" American nativists, does seem to have a bit of a bias when it comes to immigration issues. It's strange. While FAIR's anti-Hispanic positions would find mucho simpatico on Fox, you'd think their anti-Catholic views wouldn't be embraced on the Vatican's American newsroom but go figure. FAIR's president Dan Stein, a defender of FAIR's racist founder John Tanton, who questioned the "educability" of Hispanics, is always welcome on Fox which welcomes anybody who doesn't welcome brown people to America. This morning, July 4th, a day that we celebrate the founding of a nation that, supposedly, welcomes the world's "huddled masses," Fox & Friends welcomed Dan Stein to talk about those bad "illegals" (a popular Fox word) who have the audacity to attend a Senate hearing on the Dream Act which would enable them to become citizens. Ain't it America, for you and me....

Ainsley Earhardt played video of Democratic Senator Dick Durban speaking at his Dream Act hearing and reported that Durban brought "illegal immigrants" to testify. She did not describe the Dream Act. As she spoke the chyron was vintage, nativist, Fox "Illegals Visit the Senate, Immigrants Attend "Dream Act" Hearing." More Foxspeak with her question of whether it was "advisable to ask illegal aliens to this hearing." After this not so subtle framing of the issue she introduced the guests for her "fair and balanced" discussion which included FAIR's Dan Stein who claims that Dick Durban is "making a mockery of the law" by giving "a certain group of people the right to violate a law" which "the rest of us are expected to observe." He claimed that the Dream Act allows "illegal aliens who have violated our immigration laws an unfair advantage." While Durbin's hearing was specifically related to the Dream Act, which provides a path to citizenship for undocumented America students who have been in this country for years, Stein presented it as a reward for the "millions" who are undocumented. He presented no details regarding the Dream Act, but brayed about how this bill isn't what "the American people" want. The next chyron was vintage Fox as it totally misconstrued what Durbin actually said: "An Illegal as President? Durbin Says 'Dreamers Are America's Future."

Stein complained about how his staff wasn't allowed into the hearing but "illegal aliens with no real political attachment to this country were." (Uh, if they're trying to become citizens, they must have some attachement!) He described it as "paradigm for what's happening in the job market and everything else that's happening in this country." After Stein's diatribe, attorney Angel Reyes was allowed to speak on behalf of the Dream Act. As he spoke the "illegal" thing was hammered home in the chyron: "Stand up for the Dream, Majority of Room Acknowledges They're Illegal." When Earhardt asked Stein about his argument against the bill, she used the term "illegal alien." Stein shouted that this is "mass anmesty."

Addendum: Not mentioned was that one of the "illegals" is the class vale

Earhardt brought home the Ailes propaganda message bacon for the segment. In speaking to Reyes, she said "what Dan is saying is that they're illegal. To invite them to a hearing is that sending the wrong message?" Reyes said that this isn't amnesty and the hearing "put a human face" on the issue. Stein got the last word which was more frothing about those who disobey the laws because it's "so unfair."

Comment: What's unfair is the situation of Americans who came to this country, through no fault of their own, as children of undocumented folks who obey the law and do the shit jobs that Stein's friends' kids don't do and who want to become citizens. The Dream Act allows them a path to citizenship if they become educated and/or serve in the military - both things being of benefit to this country. In the mid 19th Century, nativists like Stein, who tried to keep my ancestors out of the country, were called "Know Nothings." It's fitting that Fox News is the mouthpiece for the new and improved American American nativists like hate group president Dan Stein.

Happy Fourth of July


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