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To Fox News Andrew Breitbart Is An Expert On Anything And Everything

Reported by Aunty Em - July 3, 2011 -

Andrew Breitbart. Those two words result in derisive laughter from real journalists when combined with the word “journalist.” His thoroughly discredited ACORN/Sherrod/NPR scoops have made him the laughingstock of anyone who requires accountability and truth in journalism. In point of fact, when discussing Andrew Breitbart it’s hard not to use the words the words “journalist” or “journalism” because he’s such an affront to the concept that it’s only natural to begin discussing “journalistic ethics.” Which is why it is so very perfect that Fox “News”—a channel not known for its journalistic ethics either—would turn to Andrew Breitbart—yes, that Andrew Breitbart—to appear on Fox & Friends Weekend to discuss both gender bias in the media and the Constitution of the United States of America.

That’s not a typo. You read that right. Breitbart is not only a Constitutional Expert™, but is so in touch with his feminine side that Fox “News” thinks he can speak expertly on gender bias. I didn’t believe it at first either. When the following tweet hit my feed, I almost choked on my first cup of coffee of the morning:


Even though it wasn’t even my day to write for News Hounds, I had to see this interview for my own self edification.

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m having a Twitter feud with Mr. Breitbart and, admittedly, I started it. When I first signed up for Twitter he was among the first people I decided to follow. It paid off in laughs almost immediately, and ever since. Unlike almost every other intelligent person in the Twitterverse, Andy retweets all the negativity he gets. Not only doesn’t he mind letting everybody know what people actually think of him, but: 1). He gets an awful lot of hate tweets; 2). Almost all of it is clever and funny; 3). Some of it goes well beyond what passes for civilized commentary or good-natured ribbing. Filled with scatological comments or impossible suggestions for physical self-congress, these happen to be the funniest tweets of them all; 4). Andrew Brietbart is so proud of all the hate he generates that he not only happily retweets it, but has the following slogan on his Twitter bio: Mr. Breitbart is a Righteously Indignant 'Senior Fellow' at the 'Senior Fellow Institute of Senior Fellow Studies'. 'RTing Leftist H8 Since 2010!'

All one has to do is follow Breitbart’s twitter feed for a couple of days (or maybe only a few hours) before one realizes that he’s motivated in everything he does by revenge, hate, and victimization. More to the point, some of his tweets (as opposed to the retweets) are more hateful than anything he receives. While he gives as good as he gets, it would be a fair question to ask—a “chicken and egg” question—Which came first? The viciousness of the Twitter attacks on Breitbart? Or, Breitbart’s desire to trash anyone politically to the left of Attila The Hun? While I suspect the latter, I have no evidence either way—which is another reason I began this parenthetical with the words FULL DISCLOSURE, which is more than you’ll ever get from Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart won’t even give partial disclosure.

Where was I? Oh yeah. So, it was impossible for me not to eventually respond to Breitbart’s tweets once I started to follow him. Think red cape and bull and I played the part of the bull. I jumped into what I thought was the whole spirit of the game. While I felt it would have been an honor to be retweeted by Andrew Breitbart, I also have SOME standards. My tweets didn’t truck in hate. As near as I can remember all my tweets to Breitbart referenced “deceptively edited videos.” Granted, I may have found several different ways to reference “deceptively edited videos” in a single day. However, it seemed that Breitbart didn’t want to retweet my questions about his journalistic ethics. To be fair: If I were him I wouldn’t want to remind people either. No matter what I said, it obviously wasn’t hateful enough—it simply did not fit into Breitbart’s Personal Passion Play of Victimization™—that I couldn’t get Breitbart to retweet me…until the day he did.

When Breitbart finally retweeted me he appended it with his own words, which is extremely rare. Usually he just retweets the insult, but this time he felt the need to anoint it with a Breitbartism: “BLOCKED! You sad little clown,” or words to that effect.

What had I said that was so clearly over-the-top that Andrew Breitbart, who takes pride in the hate he receives, would resort to the extreme measure of blocking me? I said (in all honesty, sincerity, and humility), “I plan to read Breitbart’s book if I can get a review copy or find it in my library’s humor section.” For that he blocked me? Is little Andy thin-skinned, or what? But, at least I finally got my wish. Andrew Breitbart finally retweeted me.

Here are all the OTHER reasons I find it hysterical he blocked me: 1). My tweet was far milder than much of what he has tweeted about others; 2). It was far milder than some of what is tweeted about him, in which he revels and happily retweets; 3). He seems to be under the mistaken impression that blocking me actually keeps me from seeing his tweets; 4). Blocking me keeps him from seeing MY tweets; 5). Therefore, I have stopped using the @ symbol that would automatically put it on his feed had he not blocked me, but; 6). Once I stopped using the @ symbol, I started using the hashtag #AndrewBreitbart knowing full well that someone with Breitbart’s ego and persecution complex will search his name on Twitter and; 7). Breitbart will eventually see what I have tweeted about him. I know that just the same way that I know he’s reading these words right now.* Hiya, Andy. FULL DISCLOSURE over. Move along.]

Where was I? Oh yeah. Even though it wasn’t my day to write for News Hounds, I just had to see Breitbart’s take on gender bias and constitutional law. I’d hazard a guess that my loyal readers are curious as well because, quite frankly, it’s just such an absurd notion for a so-called “news” channel to even contemplate: Andrew Breitbart—yes, that Andrew Breitbart—pontificating on gender bias and the constitution? Really. What the hell was Fox "News" thinking? Breitbart managed to live up all of my expectations. Watch:

Video courtesy Media Matters

It wasn’t all that long after the interview that Breitbart tweeted “It took 2 people at @MMFA to write this! http://t.co/CGqQukz Man, Soros has lots of money to waste! I stand by my Code Pink comments!” That certainly made me click on that link, which took me to a Media Matters article indeed written by 2 people (Julie Millican and Zachary Pleat) titled, “Why Does Fox Treat Breitbart As A Credible Voice On Gender Bias?” And it’s a fair question considering the article says:

During his speech at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference, Breitbart said of "the Code Pink ladies," "it's no longer fun to watch them and they're not even good looking anymore. It used to be that they were like, kinda slutty lefties." Amid laughter from the conservative audience, he continued, "[T]hey're getting long in the tooth." In discussing President Obama throwing out the opening pitch of a baseball game, Breitbart declared the president "pitched like an Indonesian teenage girl." He refers to women as "chick[s]" and, when attacking Salon.com's Joan Walsh, he makes frequent mention of her physical appearance.

The funny thing is that I might have been unaware of those facts had not Breitbart alerted me, and everybody else who follows his tweets, that the article existed. Of course, Media Matters followed up with a short post called, “Breitbart ‘Stand[s] By’ Calling Code Pink Protestors ‘Kinda Slutty Lefties’ Who Are "Getting Long In The Tooth.”

The vicious cycle continued with Breitbart's next tweet:


Since it wasn’t my day to write for News Hounds, I laughed it all off as just another day when Breitbart got more of the attention he craves and another instance of Fox News putting any fool on its airwaves who is willing to play along with its latest meme: The Big Bad Left Wing Media™ is insulting Michele Bachmann by questioning her unique version(s) of history. Fox has been running with this one for a few days now and it was actually the subject of a recent Fox News Tweet Du Jour on News Hounds.

It also falls in line with what Ellen recently wrote about the Jon Stewart/Chris Wallace feud:

“That narrative of conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished,” Stewart began.

Here’s how Stewart explained the rest of it:

“Any editorial judgment in news or schools or movies that doesn’t favor the conservative view is elitism and it’s evidence of liberal bias whereas any editorial judgment that favors the conservative view is evidence merely of fairness - and done to protect them from liberal bias. And if you criticize Fox for this game, guess what that’s evidence of? How right they are about how persecuted (they are). It is air-tighter than an otter’s anus… They can’t lose.”

Therefore it was merely a happy accident when, later in the day, one of the News Hounds emailed me wondering if I might be interested in writing about Breitbart’s Saturday appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend. Even though it wasn’t my day to write for News Hounds, I jumped at the chance. [See FULL DISCLOSURE above.]

Yet, as I sat down to actually do the writing, I decided that it was not only was it not my day to write for News Hounds, but the story had essentially written itself. MMfA sums up:

Aside from co-host Molly Line's laughable premise for the [Breitbart] segment that the media called failed Republican senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell "a witch" - after O'Donnell stated herself that she "dabbled into witchcraft" and then made a political ad declaring, "I am not a witch" - Andrew Breitbart has no credibility to comment on gender-based attacks or really anything for that matter.

Therefore, I decided to take the day off as originally planned.

*Brietbart will either start attacking me like he did Ellen or will continue to pretend to ignore me. Either way, I am amused by his limited choices.