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Fox & Friends Promotes IRS Complaints Against Media Matters

Reported by Priscilla - July 3, 2011 -

Media Matters exposes right wing bias and inaccuracies in the media in the same way that Brent Bozell's Newbusters does the same for what they consider to be left wing bias. Because there is a surfeit of bias and inaccuracies on Fox, they have focused much of their attention on America's "fair & balanced" "news" network. Thus, Fox is fighting back. Bill O'Reilly and Fox & Friends reported on this "government funded propaganda while Fox Nation has a continual secondary lede article, titled "Want to File an IRS Complaint Against Media Matters, Click Here." The thread links to an article on a right wing blog, "Ideapalooza." The blog is run by some Florida right winger named Todd who provides no further information about himself but he does provide a link to the IRS form which he has already filled out. He's also promoting the IRS complaint on his Twitter. This morning, on Fox & Friends, Ann Coulter was interviewed about Media Matters bias which begs the question of why MMFA would attack a "fair & balanced" news network that provides commentary from unbiased folks like Ann Coulter!

Clayton Morris reported that Media Matters "has declared a war on Fox and now more and more people are calling for the organization to lose its tax exempt status." (Right, Todd says that his campaign has gone viral.) Dave Briggs introduced Coulter as a best selling author. Briggs launched into the propaganda immediately when he stated that Media Matters started off as an educational site but "it's clearly not that today." He asked Coulter if frustration should be directed toward the IRS. Coulter said that she is "torn" about this and gave credit to Media Matters for quoting her correctly which is "fantastic publicity." She provided the requisite mention of the evil George Soros when she speculated about how much money he spends trying to get Fox off the air (Awww, poor wittle Fox). As she cited IRS criteria for having tax exemptions removed, some of which describe the content of Fox opinion shows (inflammatory language and viewpoints not substantiated by fact), the chyron was an example of a viewpoint not substantiated. Without a Cavuto mark, Fox "News" stated, as fact, that Media Matters is "Tax Paid Propaganda." The next chyron was was straight up Fox pity and paranoia party: "Taxpayers Subsidizing Media War on Fox." She then said - are ya ready for it - that "Newsbusters give actual facts." (Like this headline: "Breitbart: Media Ask Palin and Bachmann Gotcha Questions to Make Them Look Stupid on YouTube." And of course, the ongoing coverage of the "gay agenda.") More propaganda with this chyron: "What Educational Activities?"

Morris cited other 501c3's that are doing "good work." He didn't mention the SPLC hate group, Family Research Council and all the other "family values 501 c3's that are fighting civil rights for gays and reproductive rights for women. He whined about the "double standard" of MMFA covering Fox more than other media. Coulter claimed that MMFA doesn't support free speech and again cited Newsbusters as an organization that wants more free speech. (Not for the NY Times or any journalist who presents pro-choice, pro-gay positions!) Another moment of irony when she said that MMFA wants to "destroy" people. (Like what Fox tried to do with Kevin Jennings and Van Jones?) Briggs directed viewers to Fox Nation which has the link to Todd's site.

But here's the pièce de résistance - Coulter said that anyone who is injured can bring a lawsuit. She then - are ya ready for it - said that a case could be made that sponsors withdrew from Fox because of "hysteria ginned up by Media Matters." She said that she and Glenn Beck have standing. She alleged that Media Matters is "dedicated to keeping certain conservative voices off air" which is an "injury."

That the war on Media Matters was today's management meme was underscored by Briggs reference to an earlier guest who suggested that states attorneys general can get involved in complaints against Media Matters.

Comment: Perhaps Dr. George Tiller's family should sue Fox given that Fox's Bill O'Reilly ginned up a lot of hysteria toward their murdered family member. And while we're talking about 501 c3's let's talk about Steve Doocy's guest, last week, who advanced the Fox war Media Matters. Jordan Sekulow, from the American Center for Law and Justice, founded as Pat Robertson's legal arm for the Christian Coalition, said that MMFA's "war" on Fox makes them partisan. OH, the irony. As pointed out on Right Wing Watch, the ACLJ is a 501 c3 which puts out right wing propaganda and has taxpayer funding. Jordan's father Jay enjoys a lavish, "Christian" lifestyle thanks to your tax dollars. At the recent "Faith & Freedom Coalition" he admitted that he was partisan and urged the audience to vote Republican. You won't hear about this possible violation of 501 c3 rules on Fox which is the media mouthpiece for the Christian right. Oh, the irony - or is it hypocrisy!


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