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Did Herman Cain Play "The Race Card" On Fox News?

Reported by Priscilla - July 3, 2011 -

Usually, when African-Americans suggest that their grievances about perceived maltreatment might be related to race, those on the right wing immediately howl about how these "uppity" folks are "playing the race card." After then candidate Barack Obama, in 2008, said that his opposition would try to make people afraid of him by painting him as "scary and too black," former white supremacist pal Sean Hannity accused Obama of playing "the race card." Obama was quite prescient as Hannity and his "news" network did proceed to do just that via their constant Jeremiah Wright coverage and their embrace of Donald Trump's birther meme. Recently, right wing joker (whoops comedian) Greg Gutfeld accused black British supermodel Naomi Campbell of "playing the race card" when she accused a British chocolate manufacturer of being racially insensitive in their use of her name to advertise a product. But hold on, wait a minute. Did conservative, African-American presidential candidate Herman Cain play "the race card" on Fox News?

Last week, conservative African-American presidential candidate Herman Cain told O'Reilly sub, Juan Williams, that "Jon Stewart does not like me, in my opinion, because I'm an American black conservative..." But when Williams asked Cain if "people" would say he's playing the race card, Cain said that he wasn't playing the race card but "some people in the media are." So I guess the race card, as defined by Hannity and Gutfeld, is fine when played by a black conservative? It's a complex world!

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