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Laura Ingraham Is "With" Radical, Anti-Choice Activist Lila Rose

Reported by Priscilla - July 1, 2011 -

It's fitting that Laura Ingraham subs for Bill O'Reilly as they have a lot in common. Both are conservative traditionalists although Laura, as a single (adoptive) parent, has eschewed the traditional mommy/daddy family model so worshipped by today's conservatives. Both are Catholic, anti-choice *zealots who would love to take this country back to the days of back alley abortions and orphanages full of abused children, born to poor women who couldn't take care of them and who weren't lucky enough to get adopted by the rich, white, conservative lady on TV. As an anti-choice zealot, Ingraham hates Planned Parenthood and has put it in her cross hairs literally. In February, Fox "News" had an anti- Planned Parenthood sweeps week to coincide with the release of radical, anti-choice activist Lila Rose's Planned Parenthood sting videos which coincided (coincidence?) with the House vote to de-fund the organization. During that time, Laura went full tilt boogie on Planned Parenthood in every Fox segment that she hosted. She not only spread Rose's anti-choice lies and propaganda in the segments that she hosted; but she tag teamed with Bill to promote the cause. On Wednesday, Ingraham provided face time for Ms. Rose who has produced yet another "sting" video which purports, via taped calls to Planned Parenthood (which could be illegal,) to show that Planned Parenthood wasn't concerned about their defunding. Of course the reality is a little different but when it comes to the lies and propaganda of the anti-choice movement and their mouthpiece Fox "News," fiction is fact. But "The Factor" is Fox opinion and at least Laura Ingraham was honest about hers!

Wednesday's discussion, about Lila's newest not so scorching non expose, met the requirements of fair and balanced in that the very cool and collected Sally Kohn of Movement Vision was the counterpoint to Lila. But Ingraham's bias was evident in her opening statement about Indiana having passed a law to defund Planned Parenthood because "they're big time abortion providers." She didn't note that abortion consists of only 3% of what PP provides but she advanced a popular anti-choice meme. She didn't note that there is now an injunction on the law. She continued with a statement about how PP is saying that "if taxpayers don't fork over millions and millions of dollars, poor women are going to lose access to health care." She asked if the claim were true and then played a tape of "pro-life" investigators speaking to clinics in Indiana where they, posing as prospective Medicaid clients, were referred to other clinics and primary doctors. Lila Rose then started preaching the anti-choice gospel about how PP is trying to justify the tax dollars that are going to "the biggest abortion chain" which "commits" (The correct term is provide) lots of abortions. Neglecting to explain why the Obama administration stepped in (state violation of Medicaid policy) she accused them of trying to force Indiana to continue to fund this abortion (still legal, Lila) provider. She claimed that there are lots of other places where women can get gynecological care. She didn't mention that for many women, in rural areas, the PP was their closest provider. She didn't mention that there could be waiting lists at other clinics. She didn't mention that Medicaid doesn't fund abortion. Her conclusion was that PP was really admitting that they weren't necessary.

When tossing to Kohn, Ingraham described this "sting" as "ingenious" and as something "60 Minutes" would do. She advanced another anti-choice meme when she asked "isn't it true that primary care is widely available" and whether this proves that PP's claims about women not accessing services are "ludicrous." Kohn provided an accurate, fact based rebuttal about limitations on services. Rose brayed about how PP makes money off of abortions and that they're using Medicaid services as a "front" for an abortion business. (Abortions account for 16% of PP revenue). There was rich irony in her accusation that PP pursues a "radical ideology" that covers up sexual abuse and sex trafficking. (Which they have never been found guilty of) Laura, who obviously doesn't use PP, grinned as Rose said they don't help women. Kohn responded that PP helps women avoid abortion. Ingraham then admitted that "you probably know where I come out on this. I'm with Lila." She then asked Kohn if abortion has been good for women. When Kohn said that it's good to have choices, Ingraham said "what about the women who haven't been born." After Kohn described how a woman, who went to PP, was diagnosed with cancer and was able to get treatment, Ingraham said that she could have gotten treatment in other places.

Comment: If Lila were such a crack "investigator" why doesn't she investigate what other options are available to low income women? Her investigators didn't ask where they should go if they have no primary provider. The fact is that if Indiana Planned Parenthood had been forced to close, it would have displaced 20,858 patients from their primary provider. The answer is that she's not attempting to provide information but, rather, promote an anti-choice agenda by the use of salacious and bogus "gotcha"videos which have yet to prove any illegal activity. All this latest one shows is that PP appropriately provided information to clients whom they were not, at that time, able to serve. It's not abortion that hurts women. It's women like Laura Ingraham and Lila Rose. As Jodi Jacobson, at "RH Reality Check," wrote "The Fact Free Far Right, Laura Ingraham's Lies Are Dangerous To Our Health!"

*Ingraham will be the guest speaker at next year's Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund Annual Dinner & Auction

Addendum: Lila Rose published this article, "Planned Parenthood Is Not Essential to Women's Health Care In Indiana" on the Fox News website. As they are also "fair & balanced," I'm sure we'll see something from Cecile Richards very soon. (Ha, Ha)

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/06/29/planned-parenthood-is-not-essential-to-womens-health-care/#ixzz1QsUDHXZJ