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Gretchen Carlson Showing More Love To Persecuted Houston Christian Patriots

Reported by Priscilla - July 1, 2011 -

Earlier this week, on an alleged Fox "news" program, "America Live," good Christian and former Miss America Gretchen Carlson, in her best breathless voice, provided lots of good Christian sympathy for the Houston Memorial Ladies who have been told to stop saying "God bless you" and handing out "God bless you" cards at vets funerals at a Houston vets cemetery. Fox Nation, the Fox News website, and Fox & Friends also covered this latest example of how persecuted Christian patriots are suffering at the hands of the evil, godless Veterans Administration. Jesus, who is weeping a torrent of tears at this outrage, must be happy to know that today, on "America Live," Gretch reinforced the Fox "News" Jesusprop with more Fox "News" Jesusprop. Once again it was framed as a "freedom of speech" issue. One wonders if Fox would be this supportive of women saying "Allah bless you."

Gretch began by reminding folks about how earlier this week, "we" reported that a group of veterans' families was suing the VA. (Fact Check - her segment with the Memorial Lady said nothing about the law suit. The Fox & Friends segment was about a lawsuit which the right wing Liberty Insitutute filed. Their website indicates that it was filed, not by families, but "on behalf of the Veterans of Foreign Wars District 4, The American Legion Post 586, and the National Memorial Ladies.") She explained that a "Washington lawmaker" is calling for an investigation. Gretch got really agitated when she asked GOP Congressman Ted Poe how he found out about this affront to Memorial Ladies who go out to "50 or 60" funerals a week and can't say "God bless you." Poe said that he found out from the local VFW commander who had "tears in his eyes" during his recitation of the heathen abominations at the Houston cemetery. Gretch had her best I-am-so-pissed look when she said that she knew he was "outraged" about this "religious discrimination."

Gretch mentioned that the Memorial Ladies now have to say the heretical "peace by with your family" instead of "God bless you." Gretch chuckled as Poe said that it isn't the government's business. She read the VA statement which said that honor guards shouldn't make statements unless the family wishes it. She was just so aghast that the Memorial Ladies would have to approach the families first and ask if they can say god or Jesus. Poe said it is a "silly regulation" and censorship. He asserted that the VA has no say over what the VFW should say. She played the Memorial Lady's comment, on the earlier show, that if the families come with clergy it should be safe to "God bless you." Gretch got all emotional when she referenced how this is a sensitive time for families and that it's inappropriate to approach a family with a discussion about First Amendment rights. As she completed her sentence she had that I-hate-these-godless-secularists look on her face. Poe claimed the local director wants to review all prayers said at gravesite so that there can be government censorship. Gretch cut to the chase when she said that Poe is asking for the removal of the director. He said that he hasn't gotten a reponse but he's hoping for one.

Comment: Why is Fox "News" so embroiled in this thing? Oh, right, it serves to get the righteous Fox Christians all agitated about evil, librul government censorship. One thing is for sure. If and when I consign my Vietnam era veteran husband's remains to our Veterans Cemetery, any "Memorial Ladies" who, unbidden, come up to me and say "God Bless You" will be told, in no uncertain terms, to take their god elsewhere.


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