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Monica Crowley Blames The Obama Administration For Her Decision Not To Eat A Cheeseburger. Seriously.

Reported by Ellen - June 30, 2011 -

Co-authored by Brian

Monica Crowley surely wins the “Any Excuse To Attack Obama” award in the “Furthest Stretch” category as she complained, with a straight face, that an Obama administration’s public service announcement designed to prevent food poisoning was partly to blame for her decision not to eat a coveted cheeseburger in a restaurant recently. Whatever happened to “personal responsibility,” Mon?

On Tuesday (6/28/11), Your World with Neil Cavuto brought on Crowley to discuss the new PSA which advises cooks to separate raw chickens from vegetables on cutting boards and other utensils. The choice of Crowley - a Republican partisan on Fox – as opposed to an actual food safety expert – was a guarantee of the kind of commentary they got. It’s a typical Fox News maneuver. Sure enough, rather than discuss the problem of food poisoning or what should be done to prevent it, Crowley dismissed the PSA as an overreach with the most important consequence of ruining her appetite for a cheeseburger.

Both Crowley and Cavuto noted that the ad had been produced pro bono, without taxpayer dollars but that didn’t stop her from whining that it was somehow a waste of money. "What this points to is the fact that the governments priorities are completely off the wall. We are in a severe debt crisis in this country. We've got a 14.3 and climbing net trillion dollar national debt. We've got a 1.65 (trillion dollar) annual deficit, and yet the government is running around making ads about not letting your veggies touch your chicken," Crowley said.

Cavuto joined in. "The government increasingly is policing menus, and forcing dietary changes… but says who?"

"It's not the governments role to do this Neil,” Crowley said smugly. Then she told her tragic tale of governmental abuse.

The other day, Neil, I was starving. I was walking down the street in New York, starving, and I hadn't eaten all day, and I went into a restaurant, and all the calorie counts are there, courtesy of New York City Government, New York State Government, the Feds are getting involved... and it was a complete buzzkill. I wanted a double-decker cheeseburger, and I ended up not getting it. This is the government saying, "We know better than you."

But wait, there’s more. Crowley later said, “This is what Obamacare was all about. If the government controls your health care, they literally control every single part of you… The government’s role is to make sure we are operating in a fiscally responsible way, which clearly we are not, and to make sure that the American people are safe - both internally, with a police force, and externally through national security policies. They should not be in the business of telling you what you can eat, where you should eat, what you should be doing in your own kitchen.” Some might say that helping people avoid food poisoning via pro bono public service announcements keeps people safe, too. But apparently, making sure Crowley’s desire for a cheeseburger goes undiminished trumps public health. Even though the PSA had nothing to do with calories, cheeseburgers or Obamacare.

But that wasn’t all. Crowley went on another rant, this time using the false, right-wing claim that “now you can no longer use an incandescent light bulb in your house starting in January.”

For those wondering, Crowley said she ate a salad instead.

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