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Brian Kilmeade Provides Pulpit For Persecuted Christian Patriots

Reported by Priscilla - June 30, 2011 -

Ain't no party like a persecuted Christian patriot party and Fox "News" never wastes an opportunity to bring it. Yesterday, the Fox News website, Fox Nation, and the alleged "news" show, America Live, covered the newest persecuted Christian patriot outrage about how the "National Memorial Ladies," who say "God Bless you" while handing out "God Bless You" cards at veterans' funerals at a Houston vets cemetery, were prohibited from making that statement and told to remove "God" from the "bless you" on their condolence cards. Former Miss America and Christian Patriot Gretchen Carlson, who hosted yesterday's "America Live," just oozed sympathy for this Memorial Lady who was being censored by the forces of secular ungodliness. Today's Fox & Friends framed this issue as "religious censorship" associated with even more insidious policies that are part of a VA conspiracy against Jesus. Brian Kilmeade just oozed contempt for those forces of secular ungodliness who censor America's patriotic Christians. (Kilmeade is the "friend" who would love to censor Bill Maher!) Beyond having a friend in Jesus, the persecuted Christian patriots have a friend in Fox "News."

Brain (whoops Brian) began by asking of the government is "meddling in funeral services for fallen heroes." He claimed that veterans in Texas are outraged. (And if they're not, they sure will be now thanks to the patriotic Christians on Fox & Friends). He introduced a woman from the VFW and her attorney, Fox fave, Hiram Sasser from the right wing Liberty Institute which also specializes in persecuted Christians. Sasser was on Fox & Friends, in January 2010 to defend bible verses on US military rifles. In May of 2010 he told good Christian Gretchen Carlson that thieves stole a Memorial Cross, from a vets cemetery, because they hate Jesus. He appeared, last month, as the attorney for Texas students who were prohibited from distributing, in public schools, holiday gifts with Jesus related messages. Kilmeade said that this isn't the first time that Sasser had a run in with the military and "their problem with God." (Oh, that godless military!)

Sasser recounted how a pastor had been banned, by the Houston vets cemetery director, from saying the name of Jesus in a prayer that he was doing for a Memorial Day service. Sasser didn't mention that Judge Lynn Rainey ruled that the pastor couldn't be stopped from praying in Jesus' name. Kilmeade's other guest, Inge Connolly, said that the ceremonial team was told that they couldn't do the VFW ritual because of religious elements. Sasser said that his group was suing the VA because of this and the aforementioned "Memorial Ladies" thing. The chyron was priceless: " 'God' Banned from Military Funerals, TX Vets Allege Censorship in Complaint." Kilmeade read the VA response which cited the thousands of veterans burials that are religious in nature but Connolly said that wasn't good enough because her VFW team can no longer "honor" their "fallen comrades just because their ritual has religious elements.

Comment: The issue seems relegated to this particular Houston cemetery which seems to have developed its own policies with regard to religious references in funeral ceremonies. The Liberty Institute objects on the grounds of religious censorship. But Fox frames it as "God" being banned in order to promote the meme that the government is godless - as well as reinforce that wedge between "us and them" - the "us" being godly Fox Christians and the evil them being the government. Onward Christian soldiers, Fox "News" has your back

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