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Fox Nation Equates "God" With Christian Crucified Jesus

Reported by Priscilla - June 29, 2011 -

In yet another example of how Fox "News" considers Christianity the only true religion, check out the photo with this Fox Nation headline . Last I heard (but then I went to an evil secular college) "God" is also worshipped by Jews who don't recognize the crucified Jesus as their Messiah. But of course, when Jesus returns in his starship, to Israel, the good Jews will accept him or be thrown, with moi, into the Lake of Fire . And of course, there are other religions, including Unitarians, who don't believe that the guy on the cross is their main man. BTW, this is big on Fox "News" as it is a secondary lede on their website as well as a topic on their "news" program "America Live" which did a segment on this latest affront to Jesus with former Miss America and Jesus BFF, Gretchen Carlson. Poor Jesus must be going through lots of kleenix cuz he must be weeping copious tears. And who cares about that silly debt limit when Jesus is being dissed!

Fox%20god.jpg Fox%20god%20II.jpg

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