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Herman Cain: I'm Not Playing The Race Card. Jon Stewart Doesn't Like Me Because I'm A Black Conservative

Reported by Ellen - June 28, 2011 -

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain visited The O’Reilly Factor last night (6/27/11) for a predictably softball interview. Guest host Juan Williams gushed over Cain’s prospects before bringing up Jon Stewart’s recent mocking of Cain in a supposedly Amos ‘n Andy voice. “Mr. Cain sees a racial element in Stewart’s comments,” Williams said gravely, and then urged Cain to attack Stewart explain why. Cain insisted he wasn’t playing the race card, that he was not offended by Stewart’s comments - even though he also called them “a bit much." But then, without a hint of irony, Cain went on to accuse Stewart of disliking him because he’s a black conservative.

Cain said, “First of all, Jon Stewart is a comedian, I understand that but… when he mocked me in the dialogue (sic) of the old Amos ‘n Andy… I think that was a bit much but you know, he’s a comedian. I’m running for office, I’m a problem solver.”

As Williams questioned whether Cain might not be playing the race card on Stewart, Cain insisted, “I’m not playing the race card. Some people in the media are playing the race card. I didn’t complain… I just have refused (to be pulled into the race card issue)… It’s not about color, I keep saying that. It’s about content of ideas and it is about character.”

Well, except when it is about race. A few moments later Cain said, “The thing more so than the whole race issue, which I don’t want to get into – Jon Stewart does not like me, in my opinion, because I am an American black conservative. Because I’m black and conservative, I think he probably has a bigger problem with that than he does the whole race thing.”

Williams seemed more interested in sucking up to Cain than he was in challenging the contradictions. Williams said, “Let me tell you something, I think a lot of liberals have trouble with anybody who’s black and conservative in America. You don’t fit in the box.”

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