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Doocy & Kilmeade & "Comedian" Steve Crowder Whine About "Bully" Jon Stewart

Reported by Priscilla - June 28, 2011 -

Steven Crowder is a right wing joker (whoops, comedian) who, along with his fellow humorless right wing jokers, is just so upset that his ilk are dissed by the evil librul media - especially that evil librul Jon Stewart who dares to satirize the agitprop on America's "fair & balanced" news channel. And when Fox needs comedic stylings, other than Ann Coulter whose idea of comedy is suggesting that a liberal Supreme Court Justice be poisoned and of course that fabulous Fox funny man Greg Gutfeld, they bring in born again Christian abstinence promoter (born again virgin?) Steve Crowder for some commentary. Thus, Crowder fancies himself a conservative pundit and that's why he's mighty pissed about having supposedly been denied an opportunity to appear on "The Daily Show." He even did a video about it. And today he was on Fox & Friends, America's favorite morning propaganda show for persecuted conservatives, in order to play the conservative victim of that nasty lefty Jon Stewart who, according to Crowder, "propagandizes information." Oh, the irony. And even more irony in that conservative Debbie Schlussel considers Steven Crowder "unethical" and "loose with facts." And even more irony in that Crowder once told Sean Hannity that “All of these strategists and GOP and DNC chairmen we have on this network will not amount to a fraction of the influence that Jon Stewart and Colbert have.” But rather than quitting his bitching, Crowder is still whining. Poor baby...

And speaking of irony, the Fox & Friends intro was priceless. Steve Doocy and Brain Kilmeade (whoops Brian) played Jon Stewart's response to Chris Wallace's correction about Stewart's claim about the Fox News audience's level of knowledge in a clip of last night's Daily Show in which Stewart talked about how "conservative victimization is the true genius of what Fox News has accomplished." Enter, stage right, Steven Crowder who proceeded to embody just what Stewart was talking about! The agitprop Cavuto marked chyron: "Daily Bias? Crowder: Stewart's Anti-Conservative stance." MENSA member Steve Doocy said "huh?" As Crowder appeared on a split screen the agitprop continued with the chyron: "Stewart's Stance: Crowder Unmasks Daily Show's Liberal Stance." (Oh, what a shocking exposé !)

Doocy cited Stewart's claim to being liberal but fair and asked Crowder if he was fair to "conservative voices like yours." Crowder whined about how Hollywood is "an entire industry" that "leans left." (Sounds a lot like Sen. Joe McCarthy who went after those Hollywood commies) Getting a wee bit histrionic, he shouted that it's "by design" because of people like Jon Stewart and people at Viacom. The chyron slamming Stewart: "Hiding Behind Humor, Crowder: Stewart Won't Book Conservatives" was followed by "Under Fire, Is the Liberal Media Attacking Conservatives?" (Fox conservative victimization?)

Kilmeade then read an e-mail sent to Crowder's manager from the Daily Show in which it was stated that they don't book "conservative pundits" but "stick with" conservative politicians, anchors, and religious leaders. The chyron: "The Joke's on Stewart, E-Mail Reveals "Daily Show" Favoritism." Crowder explained how right wing Hollywood hater, Ben Shapiro, asked right wing "entertainers" to "put a face" on the "undeniable case" of Hollywood anti-conservative "bigotry." He then accused Stewart of "trying to propagandize information regardless of it being false" in order to "continue his narrative." (Oh, the irony - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) Poor wittle Steven accused Stewart of being a "bully" because he "only picks fights that he knows he can win." (And bully boys Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly don't?) He claimed that conservatives are moving targets who can't win. (Awwww) Doocy played a video of Stewart's "biased" mocking of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. (But it's no problem when Fox's Greg Gutfeld slut shames women who have had abortions?) Crowder said that if Stewart's "literacy test is the ability to read polls like himself" he's not "an authority on the issue." (Oh, snap, Steven)

Comment: Doocy and Kilmeade didn't read the part of Crowder's e-mail which explained Stewart's policy in booking comedians. But once again, "The Daily Show" is comedy which doesn't bill itself as "fair and balanced." And while Stewart did admit his error about the Fox audience, he did have a segment which compiled a bunch of Fox inaccuracies. The boys didn't play that clip. But poor Steven and his fellow persecuted conservatives. Want some cheese with that whine?

E-Mail to Crowder (from the blog of Andrew Bretibart, another right winger who whines about evil, librul Hollywood) Red highlights done by Crowder. Note comment that they book only those "comedians" (which Crowder claims be) who have a "direct relationship with Jon, usually people he's known for years."


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