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Bristol Palin’s Story Doesn’t Add Up

Reported by Ellen - June 28, 2011 -

Bristol Palin and her new face appeared on Hannity last night (6/27/11) to promote her new memoir written at the ripe old age of 20. Supposedly, it’s a tell-all about her teen pregnancy and the 2008 presidential campaign and whatever other insights she might have to share. But much of what she told Sean Hannity – apparently a mirror of what was in her book – wasn’t quite believable.

Let me say this, I’ve always rather liked Bristol Palin and felt that she had more class and sensitivity than her mother. Now, I’m sorry to say, I’m not so sure.

Palin claimed that writing the book was “hard but so worth it because I know it’s going to be helping other people.” She repeated the “helping others” mantra several times throughout the interview. But as the Christian Science Monitor – hardly a bastion of liberalism – said in their review of Palin’s book,

If she wrote this book so others can learn from the “pretty foolish decisions” she’s made, she’s hardly been a paradigm of reform. Her justification for continuing premarital sex, which she had sworn off (“Since Levi and I were going to get married, I rationalized that our premarital sex wasn’t that big of a deal”), her catty asides, and the trail of trash talk, make “Not Afraid of Life” seem more of a vent-session and plea for attention than a sincere effort to be a role model for other teens.

I can’t help but think these are the same noble sentiments that went into her charity work to prevent teen pregnancy – for an organization that spent seven times more money paying her than on preventing teen pregnancies. I wonder how or if that’s addressed in the book.

Palin’s version of how she got pregnant strains credulity, too. Palin told Hannity she made a decision to “sneak out with my friends, get drunk and have sex for the first time and I own up to that mistake.” Palin later said she never drank alcohol before that night, either. According to an interview with Palin in USA Today, she was taking birth control pills at the time, too.

Ever the good conservative foot soldier, Hannity didn’t just buy her story, he helped promote it. “You texted a friend who came over and told you that you had definitely slept with your boyfriend and stayed in his tent. You didn’t plan on that happening… You almost sounded like you didn’t remember.”

Palin said, “I remember being with my friends by the campfire and then waking up in a tent by myself and that was a foolish decision that I made… I’m not accusing Levi of rape… I’m just looking at that decision I got myself in with older and wiser eyes.”

Yes, it’s possible that the one time Palin snuck out of the house and got drunk, she inadvertently had sex with her boyfriend and then got pregnant, despite being on the pill, but I have a feeling that anyone who has raised teenagers or who was once a teenager will have trouble believing it.

Palin went on to make the dubious claim that “my close family hadn’t known about my pregnancy until just a few days prior” to when they saw it announced on television in a Minnesota hotel room, presumably around the time of the 2008 Republican convention, when she was already five months pregnant. According to the NY Daily News, her pregnancy was an open secret around Wasilla. So either Bristol’s “close family” didn’t catch on to what everyone else knew (and she didn’t tell them) or they knew before she said they did. And wouldn’t that be the same “close family” she lied to when she snuck out to hang out with her friends, that one time, just a few months before? I wonder if that close family knew she was on the pill, too.

Whatever. You’ll be happy to know the family has “a really tough skin” and “it’s just made us stronger… God has given me the strength to really come out in this book… and hopefully others can learn from those mistakes,” Palin revealed.

But that tough skin seemed a little thin when Hannity raised the subject of Meghan McCain. Palin said, “We come from two completely different worlds." When asked what the differences are between them, Palin said that unlike McCain, being the daughter of a politician "never defined me." She added, “I do things for myself. I’ve had a job since I was really little and, um, I don’t know if she does stuff like that.”

That’s right, Ms. Dancing with the Stars/Reality TV show worker, who’s renting out the 4,000 sq. ft house she just bought in Arizona now that she’s decided to move to Los Angeles instead – is just a regular working girl earning six figures a year like the rest of us. Furthermore, Palin added, “I don’t know if (McCain) goes out huntin’ and fishin’ and stuff like that.”

Yes, I’m sure Palin will be doing lots of huntin’ and fishin’ in Los Angeles.

Not surprisingly, not one of Palin's statements, seemed dubious to Hannity. Instead, he spent a lot of time boasting about his own teenage exploits – in an obvious effort to make hers look more innocent. If only he had talked a little less about himself, maybe we could have learned Bristol Palin’s thoughts about Paul Revere.

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