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“America-Loving” Fox Nation’s False, Hate-Mongering Headline: Liberals Want to Spy on Doctors but Not Terrorists

Reported by Ellen - June 28, 2011 -

Good ol’ Fox Nation. The website that boasts about how much it loves America is blaring its hate for much of the country – and with a headline that has little to do with its own article: Liberals Want To Spy on Doctors but Not Terrorists. How's that for an embodiment of the Fox Nation credo: We believe we should enjoy the company and support of each other, delighting in the creativity, ingenuity, and work ethic of one and all, while observing the rules of civility and mutual respect and, most importantly, strengthening our diverse society by striving for unity.

To add distortion to hate mongering, the article has nothing to do with spying on terrorists. In fact, terrorists are not even mentioned. What the article does discuss is the Obama administration’s efforts to gather data on access to medical care via the use of something like a “mystery shopper” program. The article quoted on Fox Nation is via The New York Times. The Times offers a lot of ink to administration critics but never even approaches the issue of spying on terrorists.

Presumably, “patriotic” Fox Nation editor and stalker Jesse Watters – funny how there’s no military service mentioned in his bio – made his tabloidy accusation because of liberal opposition to portions of the Patriot Act. But somehow, Watters overlooked such Republican opposition as that of Rand Paul. And while the Fox Nation article posted a large photo of President Obama – suggesting that it was he opposing spying on terrorists – that’s downright misleading. As Watters almost surely knows – or surely ought to know – Obama recently signed an extension of the Patriot Act that, as the AP reported (via Huffington Post)

would add four years to the legal life of roving wiretaps, authorized for a person rather than a communications line or device; court-ordered searches of business records; and surveillance of non-American "lone wolf" suspects without confirmed ties to terrorist groups.

… According to a senior Justice Department national security official testifying to Congress last March, the government has sought roving wiretap authority in about 20 cases a year between 2001 and 2010 and has sought warrants for business records less than 40 times a year, on average. The government has yet to use the lone wolf authority.

But hey, why should a guy like Watters worry about truth and civility when he can hatemonger against liberals? After all, it pushed the story to the top of the Fired Up On Fox Nation email digest sent out earlier today.



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