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Mike Huckabee Pimps Lila Rose's Radical Anti-Choice Agenda

Reported by Priscilla - June 27, 2011 -

Lila Rose, is a pal of James O'Keefe and darling of the anti-choice movement and its media mouthpiece Fox "News" which was more than happy to provide her bogus Planned Parenthood "sting" videos with supportive coverage. As Rose's videos, which purport to show Planned Parenthood assisting sex traffickers, and their subsequent validation occurred at the time that the radical anti-choice GOP Congress were trying to defund Planned Parenthood (whatever happened to job creation?!) there was clearly an anti-choice agenda on the part of "America's newsroom." It's no secret that Mike Huckabee is part of the radical, anti-choice efforts to recriminalize abortion and birth control. As such, it's no surprise that he would have interviewed Lila Rose whose James O'Keefe type of videos are part and parcel of the attempt to bring back the bad old days of back alley abortions or as the teabaggers would say, "taking back America." And while reality based politicians are concerned about the economy, Huckabee says that abortion is the most important issue. Nice to see that he's using his platform (or is it "pulpit?") at Fox to advance the GOP war on women of which sweet, virginal Lila is a commanding general. And in addition to promoting radical anti-choice memes, Huckabee was able to work in the name of George Soros - along with Planned Parenthood, another nemesis for Fox News.

Huckabee began his weekend show by warning Planned Parenthood to "look out." He introduced, with gusto, Lila as the president of "Live Action.org." (That name sounds so porno!) After describing the scenario for her video (pimp and underage girl), he played a video of a verbal exchange in a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic. Huckabee, of course, didn't note that the tape appears to have been edited. Huckabee claimed that because Planned Parenthood was so upset about the video, ***George Soros subsequently said that he would "take down Lila Rose." Huckabee announced that Live Action will soon be releasing an "explosive new video" that was shot in Indiana where, Huckabee noted, a state law was just passed that "disqualified Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid Program because it performs abortions." (Which are still legal in the US despite Mike and his anti-choice pals). Huckabee didn't say that a US District Judge put an injunction on the law. He then played video of his interview with Lila about her new video.

Sweet, lil Lila was coy because she didn't want to say too much; but she claimed that her new video shows Planned Parenthood staff saying that Medicaid patients will "do just fine" without Medicaid funding. In response to Huckabee's question about how she started her crusade, she said that it is because "abortion is the greatest human rights abuse..." (And forcing women to bear children isn't?!) In the understatement of the year, Huckabee referenced how she has teamed up with James O'Keefe who "got some notoriety over some of his undercover videos." (State investigations and some lawsuits) Huck didn't mention that many of these videos were as bogus as Rose's. To the question about whether she's ever been threatened, she responded that Planned Parenthood threatened to sue her but God used the opportunity to help her spread her message because more people saw the tapes. (God and Fox News?) She mentioned the George Soros conference call which was about "taking our organization down" because "he's afraid of the truth" which, she claimed, her videos demonstrate. (I don't think so!) Huckabee advanced the anti-choice agitprop that Planned Parenthood makes huge profits on abortions with his question if it's "about money" and not "loving women." She said it's about money and a "radical deceived ideology". She made unfounded claims about what clinic workers told her about wishing they could go back in time and abortion their children.

Huck asked her how folks could see the videos and she provided the website. She also mentioned a petition called "I stand with Indiana" (obviously a play on the "I stand with Planned Parenthood petition") which calls for people to "stand up to the Obama administration" which is "attacking the state." Former governor Huckabee didn't mention that this is in the courts because of what is considered to be a violation of Medicaid policy. She sweetly said that if Planned Parenthood stops doing abortions, they could get all the Medicaid money that they want. Huckabee encouraged the viewers to watch Rose's new "explosive" videos. He told Rose that she was "courageous" and "a champion for life."

Comment: This segment was a pure, unadulterated promotion of a movement which seeks to abolish women's reproductive freedom. Huckabee, who as a former governor, is well aware of Medicaid policy which doesn't allow states to pick and choose which providers will get federal money based on ideology - yet that point wasn't made. While abortion constitutes only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, Huckabee advanced the anti-choice agitprop of a greedy organization that has abortion as its primary busines (abortion "mills") as opposed to a health care provider that meets gynecological needs for low income women. Talk about a "radical, deceived ideology!"

***The allegation that Soros participated in a conference call to "bring down Planned Parenthood" is a lie based on a conference call, sponsored by Media Matters, between Planned Parenthood and bloggers, about how to counter the anti-choice agitprop videos. The article, sourced by anti-choice blogs including Breitbart's, sources from a "Life News" article which doesn't say that Soros actually participated in the call that discussed investigating Rose's funding. Planned Parenthood head, Cecile Richards, rather than talking about taking Rose down, "told the callers that the strategy to defuse the criticism is essentially to ignore it and focus on rebuilding Planned Parenthood’s reputation as a provider of non-abortion services for women."


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