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The Beck Week That Was: The Long Goodbye

Reported by Aunty Em - June 26, 2011 -

As of this writing Glenn Beck has only 4 more shows left on Fox “News.” Just in case his audience isn’t willing to pony up the cover charge to join his web-only GB[L]TV night club, he’s been using his last remaining hours on real tee vee to cram in as much information and conspiracy theories as humanly possible. While each show has had a nominal theme, it’s still been a pretty scattershot approach, which is also reflected in this exciting episode of The Beck Week That Was.

Glenn goes off script: There is nothing that Glenn does that is as much fun as when he stops reading the teleprompter and starts to vamp. One of the clues that he’s done that is he becomes even more irrational than usual. Another clue that he’s ad libbing (but not always) is that he walks out of the carefully composed camera shot, into a part of the set that’s not lit properly. Here is a wonderful example from Monday’s show that demonstrates both:

Video courtesy of Media Matters

[At 00:53]Are we bothering you? Left? Is this show bothering you? [laughs] Oh, wait. You’re gonna pray for the days when I was only on at 5 o’clock. Oh, you’ll be down on your knees [as he gets down on his knees out of camera range, until the camera finds him] going, “I know I don’t believe in God, but PLEASE, put him on only at 5.” Oh, you’re gonna pray for it.

How delusional is it that he actually thinks he will be more influential with his little web only tee vee fun house than he ever was on Fox “News”?

Glenn and ‘Man on Dog Sex’ Santorum: It was a very strange moment on Glenn’s Thursday show considering the unconcealed homophobia of the Fox “News” channel and previous comments about The Gay from presidential candidate Rick Santorum. [Go ahead and Google him. ] Ostensibly Santorum was on the program to tout his credentials for the Oval Office, but for many this was the big take-away. Watch:

Video courtesy Mediaite

The Beck Conundrum: One of the biggest problems I have had over the years in monitoring Glenn Beck is that he pushes out so much false information in a single hour that: 1). It’s virtually impossible to fact check and correct it all. Life’s too short; 2). One needs to know a whole lot—about a whole lot—to know when Beck’s pumping out false information. I didn’t catch this one, but Mike Burns at Media Matters was on the ball. In introducing Bob Murray, an exec with Genwal Resources (a coal mining company), Beck claimed the company defends workers. Burns notes:

During the segment, Murray attacked President Obama's energy policies, blaming them for sending jobs overseas and denying American workers their “honor and dignity.” But one should perhaps be wary of Murray's opinions on energy policy, because contrary to Beck's characterization, he has a history of safety violations. Indeed, the government issued the largest fine in history for coal mine safety violations at the time stemming from an accident at Murray's Utah mine.

A Glenn Radio Bonus: It’s hard to know what to say about this clip from Beck’s Radio Drama Theatre. At once it sounds like he’s inviting violence against the president (not the current one, but the one elected in 2012, which might still prove to be the current one) and praying that Secret Service is up to the job of protecting the president. It wouldn’t be the first time that Beck has nodded and winked over violence. And, more importantly, if one of his viewers decides to commit violence based upon things he’s said, that wouldn’t be the first time either.

Just listen:

There are just 4 more hours of Glenn Beck on Fox “News.” Starting July 1st it will be a whole new thing. Don’t forget to enter the News Hound Contest: What Will Replace Glenn Beck On Fox News? One GRAND PRIZE to be won.