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Got Homophobia? Sean Hannity Still Lying About Kevin Jennings!

Reported by Priscilla - June 26, 2011 -

It's not only Roger Ailes who is scared of the "gay agenda." One of the core values of the right wing "family values" crowd is homophobia. The hatred was ratcheted up to full throttle after President Obama appointed an openly gay male educator, Kevin Jennings, to be the "Safe Schools Czar." The right engaged in a concerted smear campaign against him. Not surprisingly Ailes' Fox "News," the mouthpiece for the homophobic Christian right, is and continues to be willing and able to aid and abet this hatred. In addition to a hit piece on the Fox News website, Fox TV provided a litany of lies about Jennings which were based, in large part, on defamatory articles written by smearmesiter Andrew Breitbart and the right wing Washington Times. While Jennings was smeared on other programs, Fox's Sean Hannity was the point person for the attack on Jennings. He and Breitbart accused Jennings of wanting to teach "radical" sex education. While the reality based education community praised Jennings, Hannity attacked him. Hannity and Michelle Malkin told lies about Jennings. Hannity and Ann Coulter trashed Jennings. Hannity even called on Jennings to quit. Jennings recently did resign his post to take another position and not because of the pressure brought on him by Hannity and his homophobic hordes. But rather than retract his lies about Jennings, Hannity used the occasion to claim that the smears were "accurate." Validating him was GOP strategist Karen Hanretty. The official "balance" to the smearfest was Democrat Lanny Davis who also validated Hannity. Doesn't good Christian Hannity know that lying is a sin?

Last week, Hannity reported that Jennings had quit but did not say why. He whined that on his way out Jennings "took some swipes at Fox News" and read a part of Jenning's comments to Media Matters about how the campaign of smears failed. Hannity asked "if it was really a complete failure if you're stepping down after less than two years in office." Hannity asked "how is it defamation if the facts are accurate?" (WTF!) He claimed that all Fox did was report news not heard anywhere else. (Cuz it was lies!) He claimed that Jennings "promoted homosexuality" in schools (Lie) and cited how Jennings didn't report an underage student who told him he was having sex. Hannity did mention that "it was later revealed" that the student was of consensual age. He claimed that Jennings "reportedly told members of the religious right to drop dead in a 2000 speech." (Reported by the homophobic "Lifesite News"- video promised by the radical hate group "Mass Resistance" never surfaced.) Hannity continued with smears about how Jennings cursed God (in context of his youthful feelings of religiously induced feelings of shame about his orientation) and how he wrote a forward to the book "Queering American Education." (eww, queer, dirty word).

In asking Davis if Jennings should have been in his position, Hannity recounted Jenning's encounter with the young student who, according to Hannity, told Jennings that he was having sex with strangers. (Lie - the young man has stated that at the time of the conversation with Jennings, he hadn't had sex with the man he had met). Rather than confront Hannity on the smears, Davis said that Jennings admitted he had mishandled the situation and referenced how Jennings sponsored an anti- bullying conference. Bully boy Hannity, in speaking to Hanretty, mentioned the "queering book" again, Jenning's "controversial" past, "controversial" views (Only to the regressive Christian right), and how Jennings wanted to say "F U" to the religious community. (Never proven). Hanretty accused Jennings of "intolerance" (Oh, the irony), how he wanted to "mandate tolerance" (Oh, heaven forbid that we cultivate tolerance!), and push "a certain agenda" far outside the mainstream (The "gay agenda?" - oh, noooo.) Hannity asked about "defamation" (Oh, the irony) "considering that all this is on the record." (Lie - what's on record is a litany of lies and smears.) Rather than defend Hannity's defamantion, Davis again tried to say that Jennings and Hannity agree on bullying. Hannity lied again when he asked about the common sense of somebody who advised a young sophomore, who was having sex with an adult, to use a condom. (The sophomore was of legal age and wasn't having sex at the time of the discusssion.) He again referenced the "queering" book. Davis again mentioned how Jennings regretted the advice.

Hanretty brayed about how terrible it was that Jennings said that "children are learning to hate." (Oh, the irony!) She accused him of "wanting to force sexuality...on kindergartners..." Hannity cited "research" by the Family Research Council head, Tony Perkins, that supposedly showed that Jennings "promoted" homosexuality in wanting anti-bullying efforts to be affirmative. Davis "agreed" that teachers should be neutral regarding sexual orientation. Hannity asked if the "queering" forward was a "troubling sign." On cue, Hanretty said "queering is an agenda in the educational system." Davis played right into the script with his comment about how he didn't like the idea of "advancing an agenda" and that Jennings should be tolerant. Hannity took credit for Jenning's quitting: "If he really wanted to stay there, he would have stayed. Couldn't take the heat , nor should he have been appointed in the first place and telling the truth about him got a whole lot of people involved."

Comment: Good Christian Hannity's definition of truth is what is called, in the reality based community, a big fat lie. If these homophobic lies are what pass for truth in the Christian community, Sean and his pals deserve a great big FU!

Gay Marriage Approved In NY - A Victory For Human Rights, Dignity, and Tolerance And A Loss For Hannity's Homophobia!

Video of Hannity's Lies About Jennings


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