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O’Reilly Develops An Interest In AZ Wildfires – In Order To Attack Illegal Immigrants

Reported by Ellen - June 25, 2011 -

Unless they carefully watch the news crawl at the bottom of the screen or catch the brief news breaks at the bottom of the hour, nighttime Fox News viewers may have no idea that the largest wildfire in Arizona’s history has been burning for nearly a month, along with a slew of other wildfires in the area, as the southeast faces what a U.S. Forest Service spokesman describes as “an unprecedented amount of dryness." Finally, The O’Reilly Factor took some notice Friday night (6/24/22). Why? Because O’Reilly – quaking in his Long Island mansion over Mexican immigrants thousands of miles away – decided to join Sen. John McCain’s scapegoating of illegal immigration as the cause.

Even if it turns out to be true that one or more of the fires began as the result of illegal border crossers, the area would remain a tinderbox even if all illegal passage were immediately stopped. Just ask the residents of New Mexico where a series of fires burn far away from the border. And by the way? That huge Wallow fire that’s been burning since May 29, though believed to have been started by a campfire, is not on the border, either. But I'll bet you won't see a discussion about the devastation to human, plants or wildlife unless and until Fox or "who's looking out for you" O'Reilly sees some political points to be scored from it.

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