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Fox News Tweet Du Jour - Dick Morris Lives Up To His First Name - CORRECTED

Reported by Aunty Em - June 25, 2011 -

Few people who aren’t actual Foxites appear on Fox “News” as often as Dick Morris, former-prostitute toe-sucker. While he’s not quite billed as a “Fox News Contributor,” he might as well be. For all his Obama, Clinton and Democrat bashing, he falls right into—and helps advance—the various memes of the propaganda network. For all we know he is getting paid for his appearances, but even if he isn’t he still gets paid in other ways, like his relentless plugs for his webtrosity (always repeated twice so it penetrates the below-average mind of the average Fox viewer) and the constant pimping of his books, which bash Obama, Clinton and Democrats. All of this is mentioned to justify this as a Fox News Tweet Du Jour.


It’s a shocking thing to say about anyone, even if it is one of the Fox “News” Channel’s favorite straw men. It’s also pretty shocking that it’s been retweeted over 93 times (and counting). [To be fair: A retweet does not mean endorsement.] It also makes one wonder who else he prays for the death of. Would that list include Obama, Clinton and Democrats?

CORRECTION: Upon further research it would appear that Dick Morris is indeed a Fox News Contributor. News Hounds apologizes for the error.