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“Liberal” Van Susteren's Supportive Comments On Republican Debt Negotiation Stunt

Reported by Ellen - June 24, 2011 -

Greta Van Susteren – supposedly a counterweight to Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly in Fox News’ evening programming – all but offered her open admiration for the Republicans yesterday as she talked with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell about House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunt of walking out of bi-partisan debt negotiations. The only difference between Van Susteren and, say, Sean Hannity, is that she phrased her bias more diplomatically.

In the early part of the interview, Van Susteren paraphrased White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s comments about the talks - “a lot has been accomplished… there has been progress” – and added, “that doesn’t sound that way to me.” Notice that she didn’t ask McConnell if that was accurate in his view before she offered her opinion.

In fact, even McConnell agreed that “some” had been accomplished.

Van Susteren went on to ask a series of questions casting doubt on the Democratic strategy. Then she added this approving comment about Cantor’s tactic: “It sometimes seems in Washington that you sort of have to hit the skids in discussions before anything sort of turns around, people finally resolve something.” In other words, she was suggesting that resolutions are often found as the result of such tactics as Cantor's.

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