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Is Brian Kilmeade Stupid, Insensitive, or Just Plain Racist? We Report, You Decide

Reported by Aunty Em - June 24, 2011 -

Fox and Friends, the happy talk morning show on Fox “News,” is one of the more insidious programs running on the propaganda network. Beneath all the fun and games of the Three Stooges* on the Curvy Couch is the steady drum beat of Fox “News” memes. The program is often the day-setter for these memes, which are then spun throughout the day, until they tumble from Greta Van Susteren’s mouth at the other end of the day. Aside from the Friends' obviously scripted and telepromptered talking points are all the unscripted ad libs. Generally, but not exclusively, these fall into one of three categories: 1). Something dismissive and opinionated uttered under Steve Doocy’s breath; 2). Righteous indignation from Gretchen Carlson fighting for Christ; 3). Brian Kilmeade saying something so brainless, that it even stuns his co-workers. This is about the latter and yesterday’s Fox and Friends was one for the books, or News Hounds.

At one point, as an introduction to one of Doocy’s weather reports, a segment producer thought it might make a fun segue to first show Tom Hanks dancing up a storm on a recent Univision weather report. It seems so innocent. What could possibly go wrong? Watch:

Courtesy Fox News Insider which felt this was good enough to post online

BRIAN: I don’t know what’s going there. I mean, it looks like it’s—it’s a Spanish channel, I guess. It’s the Univision host. Hank is just starting to dance instead of just speak. He was on the Spanish-speaking show to promote his movie “Larry Crowne,” not to audition for “Dancing With The Stars,” but he simply got carried away. Uhh, and why is a Spanish language show giving American weather?

Why indeed, Brian? TO BE FAIR: Some might want to argue that this was just a joke. If so, it was a very insensitive joke to the millions of Latinos in the United States. If it wasn’t a joke, it’s simply racist. Either way it’s a stupid thing for a tee vee news reader to say.

However, that’s not the only stunningly stupid thing BrainBrian said yesterday. Earlier in the show, after a scripted segment on the possibility of an OJ Simpson confession to Oprah Winfrey, the Three Stooges (with Alysin Camerota playing the part of Gretchen) delved into one of those unscripted moments that Fox “News” producers must fear—because Brian is apt to say anything. Brian asked, in all seriousness, “Isn’t he [OJ] worried about being tried again?”** Alysin jumped in and reminded him of the age-old ‘Merkin legal concept of Double Jeopardy. Brian responded with a single word, “Okay,” and then jumped to whatever was written for him on the teleprompter, changing the subject entirely.

Nothing to see here.

*With apologies to Larry Fine, Moe Howard and Curly Howard

**This might be a slight paraphrase. I was literally waking up when he said it. I’ve looked for a video of that segment, to no avail. It took place in the first hour of the show, towards the 6:40am EST mark. Anyone have a Tivo of it?