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O’Reilly Calls Out Coulter On Her Afghanistan Baloney – Partly

Reported by Ellen - June 22, 2011 -

As I’ve previously reported, two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter seems to take about as much care with her positions on the Afghanistan war as she does in choosing where to vote. After promoting the war, even insisting it was going “swimmingly” in 2006, she has lately decided the war is some kind of liberal mistake that she stopped supporting six months after it began. During a heated discussion last night (6/21/11), Bill O’Reilly either didn’t know or didn’t care about Coulter’s flip-flopping but he completely lost patience with her dubious claim that the Taliban’s Mullah Omar - wanted by the United States for sheltering Bin Laden and Al Qaeda - knew nothing about what Bin Laden was up to.

When Coulter made her comment that “Omar didn’t know what Osama bin Laden was doing,” O’Reilly interrupted. “They did so. How can you be so naïve? …Come on. Of course he did.”

Coulter tried to maneuver away and change the subject but O’Reilly said, “I’m going to challenge you. You’re not gonna say stuff like that and get away with it.”

As they debated the matter, Coulter let fly one of her trademark “witticisms:” “Unlike most Muslim countries, Afghanistan has never exported terrorism. They just want to be left alone. They’re perfectly happy being poor, ignorant and having a 30-year lifespan. They just don’t like foreigners in their country. That is not a good country for regime change.”

Funny she should say that. Because in 2002, she sneered that "The New York Times printed one of its nauseating prose poems to the peace-loving Afghans. Without shame, without irony, the Times reported that the Afghan people were patiently waiting for warring Westerners to leave, so they can return to their serene lives beneath the orange trees." Sounds familiar, eh?

Earlier in the discussion, Coulter had said, “Everything we could accomplish in Afghanistan we had done in the first six months of that war.”

Now, that’s interesting. On August 24, 2006, Coulter said, “Things are going swimmingly in Afghanistan” so good, in fact that catching Osama Bin Laden had become “irrelevant.” Since the Afghanistan war began in 2001, I'd say 2006 is a lot longer than six months later.

Nevertheless, with a straight face, Coulter said to O’Reilly, “As they used to say about Iraq, what does success look like in Afghanistan?”

Maybe you should tell us, Annie. And if the war ends under a Republican president, I'm sure you will.

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