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Greg Gutfeld's Misogyny Directed At Democratic Women

Reported by Priscilla - June 22, 2011 -

Greg Gutfeld doesn't seem to like women. But he reserves most of his bile for liberal women. The former altar boy and pal of Fox Newspriest, Father Jonathan Morris, hates pro-choice women, feminists, and gender studies programs which, he claims, are run by "earnest types angrily analyze the sexes (usually while wearing panties made from hemp).” He says that pro-choice women really want to kill their grandchildren. (Grandfetuses?). He slut shames young women who have abortions despite the circumstances in their lives which made their choice understandable. He slut shames women who have sex before marriage. He accused feminists of being hypocrites for not responding immediately to a sexist joke made by Bill Maher while, at the same time, mocking women's reproductive rights. Last week, as the basis for his "faux meathead wingnut schtick" monologue ("Greg-a-logue") about the Anthony Wiener scandal, he continued the perfunctory right wing whine about how liberal women are hypocrites because they support Democratic male "pigs." He then made the absurd comment that "Creeps are always Democrats." Judging from what I've seen on Gutfeld's "Red Eye," I don't think so!

Gutfeld began by saying calls for Anthony Weiner's resignation are falling on "deaf" female ears. He said this on June 11th, which was the day that Democratic Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz called for Weiner's resignation. Schultz appeared on Sunday's (June 13th) "Meet the Press" where she reiterated this statement. Gutfeld's condemnation of pro-choice Democratic women was done in a not so clever play on words about how these women are "mum" which is "odd because they despise motherhood." (Odd because most Democratic pro-choice women are mothers). He accused these women of "running scared." Doubling down on his attack, he accused Democratic women of "making a deal with the devil" because "creeps are always Democrats." His attack on feminists continued with the comment that "feminists help gross men act gross." His contempt was apparent in this statement: "See, as long as you're a new age male spewing every cover line found on worn out Ms. Magazines, you get a pass as a drooling ghoul." He cited Kennedy, Clinton, and Wiener. It appears that he was slut shaming these women and possibly describing himself with the comment that "these women gladly accept the transaction. It's why a man can be a pig and be seen as progressive simultaneously." He attacked Debbie Walsh, from Rutgers University Center for Women and Politics who said "with a straight face" that her sense was that these women wanted Wiener to decide, on his own, to leave. Ignoring the fact that Wiener was a sitting member of congress and Clarence Thomas' nomination had not been confirmed when he was accused of sexual harassment (being a "pig?") he concluded with "I bet she felt the same way about Clarence Thomas."

Comment: If Greg wants to talk about hypocrisy, he should look no further than GOP, Catholic, anti-choice Senator David Vitter who did it with a prostitute whilst sporting diaper couture. Not only did the anti-choice, "family values" crowd not call for his resignation; but his fellow "family values" GOP Senate dudes gave him a standing ovation when he returned from a brief hiatus. There was no outcry of moral indignation when philandering Republican Newt Gingrich announced his run for president. When Larry Craig got caught doing a little toe tapping, there was no pressure from the family values crowd for him to resign. GOP Senator Bob Packwood was not being helped, by feminists, to sexually harass women on his staff. Feminists clearly didn't help Mark Foley's trolling for underage male pages. There are numerous other examples of Republicans being creeps and pigs; but somehow Greg Gutfeld thinks that they are pure as the driven snow. But then Greg did say that a woman who has sex with him will have sex with anybody. As Greg is, presumably, a good Republican, I think it's safe to say that not all creeps are Democrats!

BTW, Greg, I'm not Michael. My not so designer genes have the same letters. But I did get some e-mail from one of your staff - Mark, from Michigan - and he doesn't like us either. Just kidding!!!!!

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