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Fox News Pundits Gush Over Chris Christie’s Shockingly Rude, Boorish Behavior Toward Constituent

Reported by Ellen - June 22, 2011 -

If ever there was proof that Fox News will put a positive spin on ANYTHING a Republican does or says, check out how Sean Hannity and regulars Tucker Carlson and Leeann Tweeden gushed over Chris Christie snapping at a constituent, “It’s none of your business” when asked why he thought it was fair to cut funding for public schools while sending his children to private schools. "Objective" host Bill Hemmer also put a positive spin on Christie's behavior.

You have to see the video to get the full thrust of Christie's high-handed hostility toward his own constituent when he was ostensibly making an appearance to take questions. It's jaw-dropping.

Hannity introduced the segment by saying Christie has “this fight” that “every candidate, every official” could learn from.

I can just imagine how Hannity would react if it had been a Democrat behaving like that. But in this case, Hannity said, “I love that.”

Regular guest Leeann Tweeden agreed. When last seen, Tweeden was gushing over Donald Trump’s demands to see President Obama’s long-form birth certificate. Nevertheless, she’s still promoting her “super-duper patriot” image. “I love Chris Christie’s straight talk and I think that’s what most Americans love about him,” she opined.

By the way, Leeann, since you’re so in touch with American values and all, you might want to read up on a recent Fox News poll of registered voters nationwide which found that President Obama would beat Christie by 15 points in a national election.

Democrat Steve Murphy nailed it. “You call it personality or chutzpah or whatever. I call it thin skin… Slapping down a caller who’s a constituent and a resident of New Jersey, who pays taxes and had a legitimate question, is inappropriate for an elected official, whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican.”

But Tucker Carlson said, “That’s exactly what it will take to fix the country.”

So long as it’s a Republican doing the slapping down, no doubt.

By the way, it's not just "editorial side" Hannity doing the Christie defending. Check out the sympathetic remarks of supposedly "objective" host Bill Hemmer in his discussion about the same issue. Hemmer says Christie "fired back,' used "straight talk" and "asked" if such a style might be "effective for him." Plus, notice how Hemmer interrupted Democrat Bob Beckel when he brought up Christie's recent helicopter scandal in favor of highlighting more positive aspects of Christie's record.

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