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Debate Over Atheists And 9/11 Street Sign – Fox News Style

Reported by Ellen - June 22, 2011 -

Just as Priscilla predicted (only sooner), the Hannity show “debated” atheists’ complaints about a Brooklyn street sign, honoring 9/11 victims, called “Seven in Heaven Way.” Sean Hannity announced a “fair and balanced” debate coming up last night (6/21/11) but he gave a taste of what kind of fairness and balance to expect when he said in his introduction, “You’ve gotta be kidding. So what’s the world coming to when we can’t even commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of seven fallen firefighters without controversy?” And then, of course, he did his best to gin up even more controversy.

So here’s Fox News’ version of a fair and balanced debate: Hannity plus pal Jay Sekulow (Remember him - the guy who thought the now-forgotten Sestak-gate would be President Obama’s Watergate) piling on one guest who thought differently. And just to prove what good Christians they were, Hannity and Sekulow rarely, if ever, let the other guest, Michael De Dora, finish a thought.

I’m sure berating and browbeating is exactly what Jesus would have wanted – while Hannity whined about atheists' lack of tolerance.

And speaking of religious tolerance… Remember how much tolerance Hannity showed when someone wanted to build a Muslim community center and mosque a few blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood?

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