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Fox News Tweet(s) Du Jour – On Women’s Issues

Reported by Aunty Em - June 21, 2011 -

Now before anyone jumps on me for being unfair, let me state categorically: I realize these tweets from Fox “News” are (most likely, probably, in all likelihood, surely) not serious. I suspect they are simply joke tweets sent out in an effort to be humorous. Are you laughing yet?

The first references Martha McCallum substituting for Gretchen Carlson this week.


And this one…well, let’s just say that Clayton Morris has the same two settings.


What do you think? Are these funny tweets, funny tweets that show insensitivity, unfunny tweets that show insensitivity, or simply jokes of no consequence? Do you think these are the type of tweets a so-called news organization should be sending out?

On a personal note: Since launching Tweet Du Jour more and more of the Fox personalities have started to block me. While it means that their tweets are no longer visible on my feed, they would be mistaken to think that makes them invisible. I also think the bigger mistake they make is that they no longer get to see my brilliant bon mots.