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Fox Newspriest Fr. Jonathan Morris Whitewashes Christian Radicals

Reported by Priscilla - June 20, 2011 -

Roger Ailes is fraidy scared of Muslims. And because he wants you, too, to be scared, he never wastes an opportunity to have his lackeys promote the be scared of radical Muslims meme. As such, GOP NY Congressman and former IRA sympthizer, Peter King, who had two hearings on Muslim radicalization, got lots of supportive face time on Fox, particularly on Fox & Friends where the hosts just couldn't understand why poor Pete was getting so much bad publicity. Of course, they didn't mention that the crux of the criticism was that King was singling out Muslims when American home grown terrorists, some of whom are radical Christians, are just as dangerous. But woe be to him or her who dares compare radical Christians to radical Muslims. Rosie O'Donnell took some Fox heat for her comment that "radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam" - a valid comment considering that abortion violence seems to be based on Christian teachings. (Albeit a twisted one) Many American militias and white supremacist groups have a "Christian" identity. But flash forward to Peter King's recent hearing during which African-American Democrat (another group not exactly loved by the right wing) Sheila Jackson Lee asked one of the witnesses about radical Christianity. Them was fighting words for American "Christians" and America's Christian identity "news" network needed to do some damage control. Enter, stage right, Fox's only official resident clergyman, Father Jonathan Morris, who had King's back in sermonizing that radical Christians are no big deal - but radical Muslims are. Once again, the campy little padre was preaching the gospel according to Roger Ailes. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Yesterday, during Morris' weekly Sunday sermonettes, good little Christian Ainsley Earhardt reported that Fox fave Peter King had a hearing regarding radicalization of Muslims in prison but that when he called it "he didn't expect this." Video of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Leigh was played in which she asked one of the hearing witnesses if he was familiar with Christian militants who were willing to bring down the country. The chyron: "Going to Far, Congresswoman's Comments Spark Debate." ("Debate" where - except for Fox "News") Dave Briggs asked, incredulously, if "Christian militants pose a significant threat to the country" and wanted to know if she was comparing Christian militants to radical Islam. Morris said "gosh, this does not pass the giggle test." He said it was absurd but then added the caveat that "not that there aren't people who, in the name of Christianity try to commit terrible things." He described the "global threat of radical Islam" and said that "you can't throw in a few nut jobs who take on the name of Christianity to carry on their own selfish and crazy purposes."

Clayton Morris said that Morris could be describing Muslim nut jobs and asked if it would be more fair to look at all of the nut jobs. Fr. Morris said that the reason that Muslims are being radicalized "is a theological belief that God wants them to do this and they're getting support from some clerics." In his best campy outrage, he admonished those who equate Christian and Muslim militancy to find a Christian who uses Jesus teachings to create havoc. The chyron "Going to far, lumps Chritian militants with terrorists." He said "you won't find it." he then claimed that there are "obscure" Islamic teachings that are used by clerics to encourage violence. The chryon: "Lawmaker catches heat equates Christian militants to radical Islam."
Theologian Ainsley Earhardt said that "Christianity doesn't teach that." Fr. Morris backed up Peter King when he said that although only a small minority of Muslims are radical, "it's worth looking into as a country." He said that he doesn't see, in Christianity, the same threat.

Comment: The words of Christian clerics, who claim that abortion is murder and against God's laws, help to inspire the "selfish and crazy purposes" of abortion doctor killers and harassers. The words of Christian clerics, who claim that homosexuality is a "disorder" and a "sin," help to inspire harassment and murder of gays. The attempts by American Christian clergy to curtail American women's reproductive rights represent just a different kind of Sharia. Abortion doctor killer Paul Hill was a Protestant minister. The radical "Army of God" uses a quote from Genesis to justify murder of abortion providers. A Protestant minister says that God wants you to kill gays. Another clergyman wanted his flock to say "imprecatory" prayers for the death of Obama. Abortion doctor killer Scott Roeder quoted the bible, during his sentencing, to justify his act. Recently, Catholic anti-choice activist, Ralph Lang, was arrested on his way to kill Planned Parenthood staff. He was found with a map which notated abortion clinics and the words "Blessed Virgin Mary says Hell awaits any woman having an abortion.โ€ As an occasional Planned Parenthood escort, I know that at any time, those who are wielding rosaries could pull out a gun because they think God is on their side. Contrary to what Morrison is saying about scary Muslims, American Christians are even scarier because they pose far more of an immediate threat - although Fox "News" doesn't think so! And it must be true because a cute Catholic newspriest says so! Praise Fox from whom all blessings flow!

The effectiveness of Ailes/Papist Propaganda! And that's just one of many anti Sheila Jackson Lee comments. One fan asked when the last time a Christian stoned somebody. Guess bullets to abortion providers don't count!



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