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John Stossel’s Favorite Obama Impersonator Tells Racial Jokes At GOP Conference But Yanked Off Stage After Ridiculing Republicans

Reported by Ellen - June 19, 2011 -

Fox Business’ John Stossel has repeatedly hosted Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown to debate Republicans. So in another sign of synergy between Fox and the GOP, Brown took his act to the Republican Leadership Conference yesterday. There, he told a series of racial jokes that got laughs from the audience. But then he began lighting into the current crop of presidential hopefuls. Just as he got to Michele Bachmann, Brown’s mike was cut and he was ushered off the stage.

According to the National Journal, the man who decided to stop the act, RLC President and CEO Charlie Davis, said Brown "was funny the first 10 or 15 minutes, but it was inappropriate, it was getting ridiculous.”

All the racial jokes were in the first 10 or 15 minutes of the act. Brown told such jokes as saying that while Michelle Obama celebrates all of Black History Month, he only celebrates half (ba-da bing!) and that Obama’s white mother, who married a black man, was “not a Kardashian” (ba-da boom!). But then Brown said Newt Gingrich’s consultants were “dropping faster” than Rep. Anthony "Weiner’s pants in an AOL chat room" and joked about Mitt Romney having multiple First Ladies. That’s about when RLC’s Davis decided enough was enough.

If Brown hadn’t gone after the GOP, I’d expect him to be a guest on Hannity tomorrow.

Video of the segment below, via C-Span.

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