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Tim Pawlenty Feeling The Heat Over His Debate Performance? Hannity Republican Rehab Helps Explain It Away!

Reported by Ellen - June 18, 2011 -

Who couldn’t have seen this one coming? Tim Pawlenty has been criticized on Fox News lately for having first gone after 2012 rival Mitt Romney’s “ObamneyCare” on Fox News Sunday and then giving Romney a pass the next night in a GOP candidates’ debate. So as just about any Republican feeling the harsh glare of the spotlight does, Pawlenty ran to Sean Hannity Thursday night (6/16/11) for a dose of Republican Rehab. Hannity didn’t just offer up a softball interview, he helped explain away Pawlenty’s gaffe.

Before he even asked Pawlenty a question, Hannity said, “I read all the criticism and this was my take. I think the media was furious you guys didn’t kill each other or go after each other and that everybody on that stage, rightly I think, went after President Obama’s failed policies.”

Nice try, Hannity. But unfortunately for your grand design, Pawlenty had other plans. He said, “I think in response to that direct question I should have been much more clear during the debate, Sean. I don’t think we can have a nominee that was involved in the development and construction of ObamaCare and then continues to defend it. And that was the question. I should have answered it directly. Instead, I stayed focused on Obama but… I should have been more clear.”

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