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“Objective” Martha MacCallum’s Curious Amnesia Over Breitbart’s Disreputable History

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2011 -

Martha MacCallum, guest host for America Live yesterday (6/16/11), which airs from 1-3 PM ET, during what is supposed to be Fox News’ “objective” programming, developed a curious case of amnesia as she interviewed Andrew Breitbart moments before Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned. Gone from her mind was Breitbart’s record of promoting deceptive ACORN videos, the deceptive Shirley Sherrod video, the deceptive University of Missouri video, the threats of blackmail against President Obama and more recently against Rep. Weiner. So I guess with such a poor grasp of the facts we can’t blame MacCallum for completely missing the irony of Breitbart lecturing about Weiner’s dishonesty or selfishness nor for presenting Breitbart as some kind of legitimate muckraker.

In tandem with MacCallum’s presentation, “fair and balanced” FoxNews.com called the video of the segment, Breitbart: Lies Sealed Weiners’ Fate.

That may be true but if there’s one thing the Weiner episode has proved, it’s that lies have nothing to do with Breitbart's fate - at least not on Fox.

MacCallum enthused, “The first to reveal that Congressman Weiner’s Twitter account was a little more interesting than most people’s was Andrew Breitbart… Breitbart exposed the first of many of these lewd photos from Weiner’s Twitter account, setting off the sexting scandal that led to the moment that we are about to see unfold here – his expected resignation.” She went on to ask Breitbart for his reaction to the imminent resignation.

“It was expected,” Breitbart replied. “It was just a tawdry experience that was only showing Congressman Weiner’s selfishness.”

Was Breitbart complaining about selfishness? The guy who deliberately ruined Shirley Sherrod’s career with deceptively edited videos because he had an axe to grind with the NAACP? Or how about dissembling on national television about a video purporting to show an ACORN worker confessing to murder – when, in fact, the ACORN employee was punking the videographers?

Or how about Breitbart yukking it up and passing around a lewd Weiner pic on the Opie and Anthony radio show and then whining that someone leaked it – because Breitbart wanted to keep it under wraps to use as blackmail? While it’s hard to see Weiner’s sexting behavior as anything but selfish, he doesn’t have all that much – if anything – on Breitbart in the selfish department.

Somehow, MacCallum didn’t think of any of that. She sat silent as Breitbart had the audacity to complain that Weiner is not “a truthteller” and blithely opined that “the lies are what brought him down.”

Speaking of lies, I've lost count of Breitbart’s but Stephen Colbert summed it up nicely when he quipped that Weinergate made Breitbart "one for four."

To listen to “objective” MacCallum, you’d think Breitbart had a fine record. She didn’t even think it worth mentioning that Breitbart has been sued by Sherrod. Instead, MacCallum opened the door for Breitbart’s favorite subject – his own never-ending pity party – as she asked, “What do you have to say about your own role in all of this?”

Get out the violins and hankies now. Breitbart said:

I knew as of Saturday morning, according to sources, that their strategy was gonna be trying to change the subject to Andrew Breitbart and that’s exactly what they did and places like Salon magazine and Joan Walsh who have yet to apologize, falsely impugned me… the DailyKos accused me of being the hacker and for four days that was the strategy – to try and change the subject and to falsely impugn me as somehow the culprit of this entire scandal.

Gee, not apologizing for falsely impugning someone? Changing the subject instead of dealing with questions? That’s signature Breitbart behavior.

But “objective” MacCallum either didn’t know or didn’t think it important to mention.

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