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Fox News Agrees Eric Bolling Crossed Line, Now Move Along

Reported by Aunty Em - June 17, 2011 -

Fox Business News’ Eric Bolling, now warming up in the bull pen as a possible replacement for wild pitcher Glenn Beck, has already pitched a few foul balls of his own. [Read Media Matters' It's Not Just Race: Fox's Bolling Has A Long History Of False Claims, Inflammatory Rhetoric] As Ellen previously reported, Bolling engaged in disgusting racially charged language last Friday about President Obama hosting hoodlums in the “White Hizzy.” The comments were so egregious, Bolling’s already got Color of Change demanding Fox News fire him over them. It took months before Beck got that far. But just like with Beck, the higher-ups at Fox have got Bolling’s back.

Ellen further elaborated on Bolling’s disingenuous apology, days later, in which he claimed he played “fast and loose with the language,” despite the undeniable fact that much of it came in scripted segments. Then he said, “We know it's been interpreted as being disrespectful, and for that, I'm sorry.” See? He was sorry for how it was interpreted. It’s another mealy-mouthed non-apology apology, without Bolling taking ownership of his words. Still, it was more than anyone ever expected. Consequently speculation began almost immediately on who ordered Bolling to apologize, since he had been defending his comments, and refusing accept it was race-baiting, on his Twitter feed just the day before.

Turns out that would be FBN executive vice president Kevin Magee, who was quoted in the New York Daily News saying, “I spoke with Eric and his producer yesterday and we all agree the line was crossed, thus last night's apology. We now consider the matter closed.” Nothing to see here. Move along.

Or sign the petition at Color of Change to have Bolling join Beck in the Minor Leagues.

h/t Media Matters