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Fox News Says "Illegals" While Fox News Latino Says "Undocumented"

Reported by Priscilla - June 15, 2011 -

If the Murdoch news empire were a person, they might be considered a "split personality." In dealing with immigration issues, the Fox "news" channel uses the term "illegals" as a way to bond with their bigoted base. While other mainstream media uses the term "undocumented" for those who are in this country without authorization, Fox had no problem with its "news" guy Bret Baier using the xenophobic pejorative "illegal" in a segment about a recent Supreme Court decision. Fox & Friends, the morning Fox propaganda chat show that has a big problem with undocumented immigrants, doesn't have a problem with the term "illegal." Bill O'Reilly doubles down by calling these folks "illegal aliens" which is sure to get the pitchfork crowd salivating. But the Fox Hispanic news website, Fox News Latino uses the more neutral term "undocumented immigrants." Today, their website has an article about how the Mormon Church wants undocumented immigrants to be given a way to stay in the country legally. (Somehow I don't think that Mitt Romney will be asked about this in interviews on Fox "News.") Another article on "E-Verify" uses undocumented immigrants as opposed to illegals. It's interesting. I guess Fox doesn't think that Hispanics watch their "fair & balanced" news network - or maybe they just don't care. That they would be more careful with their Hispanic website shows how words do matter!