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Greg Gutfeld Race Baits Naomi Campbell

Reported by Priscilla - June 14, 2011 -

The term "playing the race card" is defined as "the act of bringing the issue of race or racism into a debate." When used by conservatives, it is directed against minorities who suggest that racism is the basis for whatever issue about which they feel aggrieved. Rather than address what could be real racial bias, the person against whom "the race card" is "played" marginalizes the issue while absolving themselves of possible responsibility for possible racism. In earlier times, those who "play the race" were considered "uppity." For some in the right wing, accusing others of "playing the race card" is really a way to engage in race baiting. As documented by Media Matters, Fox "News" has a history of "racially charged rhetoric." In keeping with that tradition, Fox's right wing "comedian," Greg Gutfeld, recently accused "super-model" Naomi Campbell of "playing the race card." Naturally, in his little screed, he didn't provide the context for her remarks which show that her "playing the race card" was based in legitimate racial sensitivity. And while Gutfeld, not noted for his sensitivity, played his race baiting card quite adroitly, all his other cards were jokers!

Former altar boy Gret Gutfeld introduced his "Gregalogue" (June 10th) with a characteristic whine. It seems that he's peeved about how Cadbury Chocolate apologized to Naomi Campbell about their ad for Bliss Chocolates - "Move Over Naomi, There's A New Diva In Town." He "joked" that the ad was a "play on Campbell's adorable violent streak" and reported that Campbell said the ad was "racist." Greg noted that she accepted the apology "while crapping all over the company." But in Greg's eyes, it gets worse. Campbell has the audacity to say, OMG, that this type of "offense" wouldn't happen if, OMG, the company were more diverse. (Diversity not being high on the list of right wing favorite things!) He then hit her with a metaphorical below the belt shot: "Yep, if there's anyone you wanna take advice on "causing offense," it's this psycho." After a litany of some of Campbell's misbehavior, Gutfeld accused her of being "a model of hypocritical outrage." (Oh, so if you're a minority with some anger issues, you can't accuse others of racism?) Gutfeld, model of propriety, said that Campbell "hurt a lot of people" and "thanks to today's world of phony indignation" (pot, meet kettle), "she is handed the moral high ground." Attempting to read Campbell's mind, Gutfeld said that she knew the ad was not about her skin color, but her character. In citing an ad that she did for Dunkin Donuts, in which she threw her shoe through a window, he said that "it's not racist, I guess, if you're getting paid for it." Attempting some clever word play, Gutfeld said that Campbell "is the opposite of a delicious chocolate snack. She's more like an Almond Joy, a flaky thing that tastes like a bad pina colada."

Comment: If we're talking food analogies, Greg Gutfeld is anything that's long past its expiration date - you know, the green and fuzzy stuff at the back of the fridge. But seriously, there is context here and Gutfeld is too gutless to provide it. In Britain, "chocolate," a term used to describe blacks, has racist connotations. Campbell said that she was upset that she was described in this manner. Her mother and British black groups support her reaction. The ad was released a week after a London School of Economics lecturer presented "research" that purported to show that black women were less attractive than women of other races. And while Cadbury says that the ad was a "light hearted take on the social pretensions" of the chocolate, one can understand Campbell's reaction given the history of objectification of black women. If Gutfeld bothered to research this incident, he could have provided some background; but then he wouldn't have been able to title his video "Naomi Campbell Plays the Race Card." And accusing blacks of "playing the race card" is a favorite parlor game for race baiting right wingers like Greg Gutfeld who is always playing a losing hand!

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