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Bill O’Reilly Admits He “Ups The Game” On Television

Reported by Ellen - June 14, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly may really be looking out for you but at least part of the concern is amped up for television, O'Reilly has admitted. In a heated debate with Karl Rove over the role of personality – or lack thereof in Tim Pawlenty’s case – in presidential candidates, O’Reilly proclaimed Pawlenty’s candidacy all but dead because he doesn’t know how to “wave his arms” and get attention the way TV master O’Reilly does.

The discussion with Rove Monday night (6/13/11) was something of a follow up to O’Reilly’s comments about Pawlenty the week before – which also came up on Fox News Sunday – when O’Reilly dismissively described Pawlenty as “vanilla.”

To Rove, O’Reilly said Pawlenty “can’t get any traction or attention because he doesn’t wave his arms.”

In response to Rove's spirited defense of Pawlenty, O'Reilly said, “In the age that we live in right now, Tim Pawlenty is not getting traction as it stands… When I go out and I’m a regular civilian, I’m not going like this (jabbing his finger in the air) to people and yelling and screaming, and confronting everybody. I’m kind of low-key and boring in my personal life. But when I’m on television and I’m trying to get people to hear a message that I’m passionate about… I up the game because you have to do it in this climate. It’s a matter of being skilled in communications.

Rove countered by saying that running a campaign is not like being a TV host. After that, the discussion turned into a heated debate about what Barack Obama did to succeed as a candidate in 2008.

O’Reilly opined, “Barack Obama’s message in 2008 wasn’t a better message than John McCain’s (as Rove had argued), it was pure blather, it was blather. ‘I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna do that.’ Short on specifics. But you know what it was long on? Theatrics! …Don’t tell me that Barack Obama didn’t get votes because of the presentation. He did!"

It was an interesting debate. But the sad thing is that O'Reilly didn’t seem to care that at least in his mind, presidential races and television news shows are more dependent on style and show than substance.

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