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Beck Picks Fight With AVN As He Agrees With It On Ayn Rand

Reported by Aunty Em - June 14, 2011 -

Eric Sapp, Executive Director of the American Values Network, also blogs over at HuffPo. Lately, in both his writing at HuffPo and posts on the AVN blog, he has been blowing the whistle on Ayn Randians, especially those politicians who espouse the politics of selfishness. With each one geared to a separate group—GOP, Democrats, and Christians—he warns about the insidiousness of more and more people believing in Rand’s philosophy of, “I got mine. Take a hike, Jack.” * Sapp’s most recent column is called “Glenn Beck Backtracks After Seeing AVN "Rand vs Jesus" Ad,” and here’s how he begins:

Perhaps the cold spell we're experiencing in DC originated from a realm much farther down beneath the earth that just froze over today. Glenn Beck just changed his mind on Ayn Rand! This was Beck back in June 2010: "Ayn Rand, you've got to love Ayn Rand. She's great." And this was Glenn Beck Monday, June 13: "I think Ayn Rand... because she hated religion so much -- became a bigot." He also agreed with his guest who said, "the problem with Ayn Rand, what bothers me... she becomes self centered. She becomes selfish."

So why the change in heart... or at least in tone? Beck had just watched and was talking about AVN's "Rand & GOP vs. Jesus" ad that has been getting so much buzz and over 70K views on YouTube last week alone!

While the rest of Sapp’s column is well-worth the click, it deals mostly with Randian philosophy in the political sphere. However, here’s the money shot: Right after doing a complete 180 on Rand, and crediting AVN for his change of heart, Beck turns around and attacks the messenger:

Lest folks get too excited (or worried) by all this agreement from Glenn Beck with our position, he's only taking baby steps and hasn't come fully around. He went on to bash AVN for being liberal and supporting social justice and called us a bunch of other names. And instead of following Conservative Christian icon Chuck Colson's advice and telling Christian listeners to "stay away" from fans and supporters of Ayn Rand, Beck concluded by warning his listeners not to be taken in by our slick ploys: "They are trying to separate us from each other. Don't be fooled!" "United we stand, divided we fall."

*More usually expressed as, “I got mine. Fuck off,” but I hate swearing in the 1st paragraph.