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Glenn Beck Pimps His Internet TV Station By Exploiting Holocaust

Reported by Aunty Em - June 13, 2011 -

With Glenn Beck’s days at Fox News numbered, his big interest is promoting GBTV, his internet tee vee station (which I’ve taken to calling GBLTV, with apologies to the GBLT community). He needs as many subscribers as possible, at five bucks each, to keep all his gold and food storage gravy. So what’s a failing tee vee conspiracy-monger to do? Promise his marks subscribers an all expense-paid video tour of Auschwitz.

I am going to take a tour, and I will announce who I am going on this tour with. But I think it is pretty stunning who's hopefully taking me on this tour. I have never wanted to go because I know the story. I - this is going to be a train wreck, an absolute train wreck. But I think it is important, it's an important part of the story of 8-24. I'm going to Poland in a few weeks and I'm going to take you to Auschwitz, live, as I am taken on a tour of Auschwitz, as I prepare mentally and prepare the story for 8-24. I don't even know what that's going to be like. I have no idea what that's going to be like.

But there are going to be things, live events, including 8-24, with behind the scenes access, documentaries that you won't see anywhere else, interviews and things with world leaders, right there as they happen. It's going to be quite a wild summer. And you can sign up now at GBTV.com.

Video and transcript courtesy Media Matters

It might be that Beck thinks his audience is woefully uninformed about the Holocaust and that may be true. Most Americans know that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime during WWII. However, many Americans only know the details that come from Schindler’s List.

It seems that Glenn Beck just can’t quit The Jews. From his smears of George Soros right up to his upcoming “Beck in the Holy Land” rally, there has been a steady drum beat of stories that have either referenced Jews or smeared them.

Media Matters has a list of just some of those smears.


There’s no denying that Beck is a busy guy, launching one project after another. As the sign over the gates at Auschwitz famously and cynically stated “Arbeit macht frei” or “Work will set you free.”