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Ainsley Earhardt Upset About "Sexually Explicit" Teen Surveys

Reported by Priscilla - June 12, 2011 -

Irony Alert - Bubble headed Fox "News" bleached blonde with plunging cleavage leans into camera and reports on a "shocking survey," given to teens, about sexual practices. This morning, the titillating Ainsley Earhardt provided a platform for a Massachusetts parent who is concerned about this nasty stuff. Lil Ainsley was shocked about this complaint that, apart from the usual Christian patriot blogs, doesn't seem to have made it to the mainstream media. But hey, there's a culture war and Fox is bringing it even on week-ends!

According to the Massachusetts Department of Education, the "Youth Risk Behavior Survey" is given periodically to Massachusetts students on a voluntary basis. It "focuses on major risk behaviors that threaten the health and safety of young people" and is used for "planning health education and risk prevention programs." A Massachusetts mother has engaged the services of the Christian "Reconstructionist" "Rutherford Institute" (they who helped Paula Jones) in order to facilitate a complaint to the Department of Education. She claims that she was not notified about this survey and another one which, according to her complaint, her daughters were forced to take part in. She claims that if she had been presented with permission slips, she would not have given her permission owing to the sexual nature of some of the questions. When she cited a question about oral sex, innocent Ainsley said "whoa." Arlene Tessitore said that some of the questions couldn't be aired on TV because they were just so sexual. (I was thinking that the questions related to loofahs and Caribbean showers; but the questions on the risk survey were quite straightforward. The other survey asked about participation in oral sex and condom use - ewww! Hopefully, Ms. Tessitore, hasn't been following the Weiner thing because the material on the news and comedy networks is far more salacious than anything in the survey!) Earhardt, increduously, said that if the questions can't be repeated on TV, then they must be really inappropriate for kids.

Rutherford's Institute's John Whitehead said that, by law, parents need to give consent to these questions. In response to Ainesley's question about whether there were permission slips, he explained the school's practice of "passive consent" which assumes that a parent has given permission if the permission slip is not returned to the school. He claimed the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of parental rights. When Tessitore said that it is common knowledge that children don't always give permission slips to parents, Earhardt said that she "always forgot stuff" (more unintentional irony here!). Tessitore said that her daughters were outraged about the survey. The chyron underscored the propaganda "Shocking Survey, Middle Schoolers Asked Explicit Questions." Earhardt wished them "the best."

Comment: Obviously there are two sides to the story but you didn't hear them here. But it was interesting to see Ainsley Earhardt's disgust about dirty sex talk in junior high. It was also interesting to see a parent who wants to shield her daughters from dirty sex talk - as well as questions about bullying and suicidal ideation! But at least the parent and her lawyer weren't saying, as is the virulently homophobic "hate group" "Mass Resistance," that these evil surveys are trying to suggest that homosexuality is normal. Perhaps the school does need to tighten up its notification policy. But Fox's message is just a reinforcement of the right wing belief that children should be shielded from issues relating to sex which results in more teen STD's and teen pregnancies. "America's Newsroom" at its best! But Ainsley Earhardt pushing purity - puleeze!

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