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O’Reilly Ribs Trump During Medicare Debate

Reported by Ellen - June 11, 2011 -

I have to admit I got quite a kick out of Bill O’Reilly’s ribbing of Donald Trump during an animated debate on Medicare last night (6/10/11). You could call it the clash of the titan egos. I think O’Reilly got in the sharper digs. Do you agree?

My two favorite parts:

O’Reilly shot down Trump’s boast about how well he was doing as a potential presidential candidate, including a claim that he was “leading in every poll.” O’Reilly countered, “You weren’t leading in every poll. You don’t have the political organization and you’re on the golf course seven days a week. Do I have to say any more? I mean, you make Dwight Eisenhower look like a piker.”

Later, O’Reilly said about a videotaped message from Trump, “You say on your little YouTube video, is that what it was YouTube?”

“It was just a quick one,” Trump said, “because I’ve had thousands of people calling up for my opinion.”

O’Reilly shot back, “Alright, so do I. But I don’t have a YouTube thing.”

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