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Bill Hemmer Allows Sheriff Paul Babeau To Bash Obama & Gov. Patrick Re "Illegals"

Reported by Priscilla - June 11, 2011 -

As I said yesterday, Fox "News" never wastes an opportunity to promote right wing propaganda even if it means milking a murder. Earlier this week, Martha MacCallum used a past and present unsolved Arizona border area murder to promote the right wing meme that the border is out of control. In his second appearance with Martha MacCallum, AZ rancher Jim Chilton reinforced the Fox/right wing talking points about how the President isn't doing his job regarding border security. So it came as no surprise that Fox "News" person, Bill Hemmer, would advance the same propaganda. And it came as no suprise that Hemmer would utilize the services of Fox go to law enforcement person, the right wing, xenophobic Sheriff Paul Babeau who regularly provides the Fox audience with the requisite border chaos talking points, as well as a healthy does of Obama bashing. What did come as a surprise is that he's extending his range to Massachusetts where he is teaming up with some seriously right wing local sheriffs to promote the meme that MA governor Deval Patrick is soft on immigration. Just like MacCallum's guest, who had an almost uninterrupted monologue and an affirming Fox host, Sheriff Babeau had the same.

Now that Fox's former poster boy for xenophobia, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is under scrutiny for some questionable policies, there's a new sheriff in Fox town. Whenever Fox "News" (and "opinion") needs to promote some border hysteria, in comes Sheriff Paul Babeau, who appeared in John McCain's "complete the danged fence" ad, to whine about how President Obama just isn't doing his job. As of last July he had appeared on Fox 18 times. He continued to appear (Here, Here, Here,) One of his appearances involved criticism of AZ Sheriff Dupnik who, in the aftermath of Congresswoman Gifford's shooting referenced political "vitriol." Yesterday, Bill Hemmer, using the occasion of the AZ murder, allowed Babeau, a Republican, to provide more of the same old, same old tired border chaos talking points and then some new ones directed towards the Democratic governor of Massachusetts. Naturally, "fair & balanced" "news" guy, Bill Hemmer provided no counterpoint.

Hemmer began the propaganda not even a minute into the piece with a comment about how the recent murder is "raising big concerns about security on the Southwest border." He introduced Babeau as somebody who is "outspoken" about border security. Babeau launched into the monologue with commentary about how the border area is is being "overrun" with "illegals" and drug smuggling cartels." The talking points just kept coming: "lawlessness bleeding into America" and how the "victims are innocent citizens of our country." Hemmer said that "it really breaks your heart" to hear about the deaths. Hemmer admitted that there are no suspects but Mexico reports that there are 14,000 armed criminals are living in northern Mexico to protect the drug trade groups in an out of America. (Are ya scared yet) On cue, Babeau launched into his standard anti-Obama screed about how it's "outrageous" for Obama to say that the border is secure. He continued to rant about how the situation in Mexico is spilling over into the United States. Hemmer validated his point by saying "it's been a major headline for some time, yeah."

But then it got interesting. To Hemmer's question about why he is in Boston, Babeau said that he's meeting with some sheriffs "to stand up for the rule of law." He claimed that Gov. Deval Patrick "doesn't want to enforce the law" because he is fighting the "secure communities" programs which permits local law enforcement to check immigration status. He said that "the governor is trying to say it's a chilling effect, don't enforce the law, don't ask where they're from." He continued with the talking points: "These sheriffs are standing up and saying that's our job." and that "we enforce laws for our citizens yet when it comes to people who have broken our laws and are from a foreign country all bets are off." Hemmer wished him good luck.

Comment: Babeau, a former MA resident (as is Arpaio) is in MA for a fundraising event for several Republican sheriffs who are upset about Governor Patrick's position re the "secure communites" program which, contrary to Babeau's statement about not enforcing the law," is voluntary. Because there was no "balance" on this segment, there was no information about Patrick's position that this program "sweeps up too many people who are not criminals and that feedback from immigration activists, police chiefs, and local mayors persuaded him that it would ultimately discourage people from reporting crimes." Patrick is concerned that "Secure Communities wasn’t meeting its main goals -- deporting hard-core criminals." The sheriffs, with whom Babeau is meeting, are hard core right wingers. Hodgson is controversial. As a result of one of his policies, the Commonwealth owes Bristol County jail inmates over $1 million. But hey, who needs facts when there's propaganda to push. Fox "News" - "fair & balanced" as always!


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