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Martha MacCallum Uses AZ Death To Advance Border Chaos Meme

Reported by Priscilla - June 10, 2011 -

Last year, when an Arizona rancher was killed, the nativist right wing jumped all over the case in order to show that the Mexico/US border was out of control. Bill O'Reilly even declared, on his website, that an "illegal immigrant" had "killed" the rancher despite the fact that there were no (and are no) suspects. Recently, another Arizona man, Larry Link was killed in Arizona but law enforcement has no suspects. But that didn't prevent Martha MacCallum from doing more fear mongering about the border. She even brought back a border fear mongerer whom she interviewed, in April, about border safety. During both of her interviews, she asked leading questions and validated this man's claims about how the border was just out of control. Gotta hand it to Fox "News." They never waste an opportunity to turn a personal tragedy into right wing propaganda.

On Wednesday, official "news" person Martha MacCallum reported that there are "new questions" about the murder of an Arizona rancher which "draw a disturbing comparison" with the killing of another rancher." She noted that she has been told that there are no suspects. But she set up the meme when she noted that this murder is in an area where there drug and human smuggling run rampant." She referenced the murder, last year, of Robert Krentz "who has become a symbol of so much." (Right, more anti-Obama and anti-immigrant Fox fulminating.) She claimed that Krentz was shot dead "at the hands of illegal immigrants." (As noted above, there are still no suspects). She introduced Jim Chilton "who has made "tougher border security his mission."

Chilton, who testified about lack of border security to Congress, said that he didn't know the details of the Link killing but "illegal aliens, druggers from the cartels, people being smuggled in by the cartels and possibly terrorists are being smuggled across our border all the time." He continued his scripted screed about how "it's really tragic that the border patrol doesn't patrol border." He asserted that "it's a false and malicious idea that they do control the border." MacCallum said that it's "disturbing" that Krentz's killer hasn't been found. She then set up the requisite propaganda message by asking Chilton how these killings are going to be solved. His answer didn't disappoint: "How do you solve a crime when the cartels are putting people in the United States and walking people through." He claimed that Krentz's killer "escaped back into Mexico" through a Federal Refuge where the border patrol doesn't have "clear entry." (That's because they were driving off road and damaging the land.) Despite having said that he wasn't familiar with Link's death, he said that "it's terrible that he was exposed to this terrible thing of illegal aliens and smugglers coming across our border at all times." He accused the border patrol of not doing the job. MacCallum provided the validation: "We don't want to assume anything; but you've documented that there is a major, major problem in this area and people don't feel safe and in your own testimony you talked about and you said how risky and unsettling it is just living in this area where this happened" - a statement that dovetailed nicely with her question to Chilton, in April, about "being surrounded" by border crime.

Comment: Chilton might be on a mission which MacCallum facilitated by providing him with almost five uninterrupted minutes for his right wing rant. But the information that he has "documented" is wrong. The border is more fortified than it was five years ago, there are more border patrol agents, and seizures of drugs have increased. According to the FBI, crime statistics that show violent crime rates in Southwest border counties are down 30 percent over the past two decades and are currently among the lowest in the nation." But hey, if Mr. Chilton, for whom border safety is his "mission," and Fox News say otherwise, it must be true because Fox "News" is "real journalism, fair & balanced."

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