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20 "Hottest Conservative Women" Include Some Fox Faves

Reported by Priscilla - June 10, 2011 -

In any right wing discussion about Islam the subject, invariably, turns to how Islam objectifies women by forcing them to wear burqas and how we liberal women should be grateful to live in the USA where we have our freedom. Meanwhile, conservative "family values" guys, full of manly, Christian heterosexual testosterone, don't have a problem with the objectification of women seen in beauty pageants and on the Aryan, blonde Fox "News" network. (Their only brunette, who was also their only Hispanic female anchor, the lovely Julie Banderas has been banished to peripheral news and replaced by an aging blonde). The fraternity of macho conservative guys loves to bray about the "hotness" of their women and in that spirit some muy macho and very "hot" right wing guys such as Jonah Goldberg (Besame Mucho) of the National Review and Fox fave Dan Gainor (Pass me my fan cuz I'm getting hot!) from Newsbusters (run by the oh so delectable Brent Bozell) have put together a list of "hot" conservative women, in the new media, who are ranked by level of hotness. Some of these luscious ladies appear on Fox News. Ranking of the Fox connected hotties are below the fold. Note to any conservative guys who might be reading this: Make sure your door is locked because you don't want your mom or your significant other discovering you in a state of excitement!

The Fox hotties are #19, the exotic "anchor baby" Michelle Malkin in a fetching tight red dress; #13, Ann Coulter showing some tanned thigh over dominatrix black boots; #12 S.E. Cupp with a tasteful suit and society pearls; #7 Laura Ingraham who, OMG, is not wearing her great, big Christian cross bling!; #5, "prostitute" Hannah Giles; #4 Mary Katharine Ham in a seductive, strapless teal number; #2, the virginal Lila Rose (uh, doesn't hotness imply dirty thoughts which don't jive with Lila's Catholicism -oh, right, if it leads to breeding, it's all good; and #1 (who is now officially on CNN but has been on Fox) Dana Loesch doing some kind of railroad grunge thing. Missing is the very attractive and curvaceous (valued asset for being on this list which includes a lass with a small tat on above her left breast) Meghan McCain who writes for the Daily Beast. But it is interesting as "hotness" isn't something that I associate with Ann Coulter unless, of course, you have fantasies that include leather accoutrements. Hmmm, didn't a bunch of young Republicans have a fun night at a bondage themed club - nah, right wing guys are into purity of mind and heart. Right? A list of "hot" conservative women seems to be in the realm of objectifying conservative women; but if that's what passes for a right wing booty call, John Lennon said it best -"whatever gets you through the night, is all right."

BTW, the comments are now closed so I guess things got really "hot."