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O’Reilly: Weinergate Is A “Body Blow” To American Liberalism

Reported by Ellen - June 9, 2011 -

One day after Bill O’Reilly sympathetically listened to Andrew Breitbart talk about some kind of sinister cabal between the media, the left and the White House, Bill O’Reilly declared “American liberalism” gravely – if not mortally – wounded by the Weinergate scandal. His reasoning was that without the frequent presence of Rep. Anthony Weiner on various cable talk shows, there’d be nobody to speak on behalf of the left. Wait a minute, is the left a dangerous cabal or a house of cards resting on the shoulders of one, now disgraced, mouthpiece?

“Congressman Anthony Weiner delivers a body blow to American liberalism,” O’Reilly began in his Talking Points segment last night (6/8/11). “There are very few people who can go out and effectively promote left-wing views in the media these days.”

He named Debbie Wasserman Schultz (misspelled on the screen) and Dennis Kucinich as two effective spokespeople in the House before adding, “In the Senate, there’s really nobody… The liberal propaganda machine is taking a huge hit.”

Of course, there’s still Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Sen. Al Franken and Charles Schumer, to name a few. Plus even right there on Fox News there are some reliable liberal voices such as Alan Colmes, Prof. Caroline Heldman and Chris Hahn.

But to listen to O’Reilly, none of them mattered. He continued, “The left still has reliable friends in the media but usually those press outlets speak to their own… Not too many conservatives or independents watch MSNBC.”

Somehow O’Reilly “forgot” about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert who, last I checked, have been doing a fabulous job. Stewart’s audience is growing while Fox News’ is declining to the point where he has beaten every Fox show but O’Reilly’s.

“So if liberal America wants to persuade independent people that their cause is correct, they have very few options left,” O’Reilly concluded.

Or it may all depend on which meme is the most convenient on any given day that you happen to be watching.

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