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Fox & Friends Uses Nick Jonas To Trash Mennonite Pacifist Tradition

Reported by Priscilla - June 9, 2011 -

Yesterday, good Christian Brian Kilmeade, in a totally biased segment, articulated how "outraged" he was that Goshen College, a school that values its Mennonite pacifist traditions, will no longer play the National Anthem at certain sporting events. Not mentioned was the fact that up until last year, when approval of an instrumental version was approved, the school had no tradition of playing the anthem. He accused the school administration of "going against what America stands for" which, in Brian's mind (?), must mean the playing of a song as opposed to things like stopping the Nazis in WWII. Rather than discuss the reasons behind the policy vis-a-vis the Mennonite Church, Kilmeade validated the complaints of a disgruntled and non Mennonite student. The hypocrisy is amazing considering that only last week the Fox friends were braying about how "traditional" prayer at school graduations is "freedom of speech" - yet, Brian Kilmeade totally trashed the freedom of Goshen College to make its own policy. I suspect that if a Catholic college, in keeping with Catholic pro-life traditions, decided to severe a relationship with Planned Parenthood, conservative Catholic Kilmeade would be fine with it; but religiously based pacifist traditions are a bridge too far for the boy wonder. And not only did Kilmeade engage in promoting the Fox/Ailes anti-Goshen propaganda; but later on in the show, Fox & Friends used their interview with Nick Jonas to reinforce the agitprop. Gotta hand it to Fox & Friends who never waste an opportunity to promote Ailes messages - in this case, Mennonites are suspect Americans. But using Nick Jonas, c'mon, man!

It was only 4 seconds into the segment when good Christian (but not a Mennonite, no siree) Steve Doocy segued into the propaganda when he asked Jonas if he had seen Kilmeade's earlier interview with "a kid from Goshen." The chyron was a straight up lie: "Star-Spangled Snub, IN College Bans National Anthem." (The anthem hasn't been banned from the school. It won't be played at certain sporting events.) Gretchen Carlson and Doocy giggled when Kilmeade said he would give Jonas the DVD. Doocy furthered the lie: "Goshen College they've decided to ban the National Anthem because some students there feel that it is too militaristic and talks about violence...I know that you sang the National Anthem at the White House."

Fact Check - After a year of study and "prayerful discernment," which included students, alumni, and those connected to the school, the Goshen Board of Directors asked the school President to "find an alternative" to "playing the National Anthem" that fits with sports tradition, that honors country and that resonates with Goshen College’s core values and respects the views of diverse constituencies." As with every other "culture war" issue on Fox & Friends, that context was not provided.

Jonas gets props for saying that it "wasn't my place to judge" the students and the college; but that he is a very patriotic person. Kilmeade got in the last propaganda with: "You know we had to actually fight for our freedom, it's time we admit it, so it's OK to sing about it." The chyron: "Freedom of Choice, Should School Decide Anthem's Fate."

Comment: OMG, Fox "News" is asking if a school should be able to decide what they want to do about the National Anthem?! Helloo??? Are they suggesting that government mandate that it should be sung? And word to Brain (whoops, Brian) if a school has a particular tradition about pacifism, then it's not OK for them to do something that violates their core values and it's OK for them to seek an alternative (what wasn't mentioned here) to the National Anthem. I guess if had been up to Kilmeade, the Mennonites wouldn't have been allowed to perform community service in exchange for exemption from fighting in WWII. But again, the double standard. Last week the "friends" defended the "free speech" right of a Texas school to allow student prayer at graduation. But they defame those at Goshen college for exerting their rights. As I said yesterday, on Fox & Friends not all Christians are created equal. Why does Roger Ailes hate Mennonites?


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