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Donald Trump Still Being Treated As Presidential Potential On Fox News

Reported by Ellen - June 9, 2011 -

Completely overlooking Donald Trump’s fiasco over President Obama’s birth certificate (shouldn’t the “we report, you decide” network be demanding to know what the guy who took up so much airtime over this found out in his big investigation?), Greta Van Susteren welcomed Trump for a lengthy interview in which to attack President Obama’s economic policies and showcase his own.

The interview began with a discussion of Weinergate but about halfway through, Van Susteren said, “OK, the jobs report. Very bad numbers in May. What would you do to try to turn this around quickly?”

She didn’t seem to notice that Trump didn’t offer any solutions but went on to ask if the “job situation” would be “political curtains” for President Obama next November if there’s no improvement.

“If the Republican nominee’s a good one, I think that nominee will beat Obama, unless something happens very rapidly,” Trump said. Who could have predicted?

Oh, and there was plenty of time to hype his possible independent candidacy again. “I hope the Republicans pick a great candidate but there’s a really good chance that they won’t… When I see the stupid moves being made by the Republicans… If they continue to be foolish, and if they continue to be a stronger word than foolish, it would be stupid, I will make a decision in 11 months.

And I’m sure we’ll get every twitch and thought from him on the subject in those months to come.

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