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Bill Hemmer Provides Platform For More "Pro-Life" Propaganda

Reported by Priscilla - June 9, 2011 -

As part of Fox's official "news" programming, Bill Hemmer's "America's Newsroom" is supposed to be "fair & balanced." But in yet another example of how this is anything but, on Monday's show, Hemmer provided a platform for a fellow Murdoch tool (whoops employee) to spread, without rebuttal, anti-choice falsehoods regarding Planned Parenthood vis-a-vis the issue of the Indiana law which prevents Planned Parenthood from receiving Medicaid reimbursement. In addition to the lies and smears, Hemmer's only guest, a columnist from the Murdoch owned (not noted) "Wall Street Journal," promoted the official Fox News talking point that defunding Planned Parenthood is a "states' rights" issue - a point that was "framed" by the not so fair & balanced Martha MacCallum earlier this week. Given that Hemmer has previously promoted right wing anti-choice propaganda, this piece came as no surprise.

Hemmer reported on Monday's Indiana court hearing regarding the Indiana law. His only guest was the WSJ's John Fund who in addition to framing the issue as one of "states' rights," proceeded to lie about Planned Parenthood. Without noting that the infamous (and discredited) Lila Rose "sting videos" produced only one instance where a clinic employee acted unprofessionally and who was promptly fired, Fund referenced Planned Parenthood "scandals." He stated, as fact, that Planned Parenthood "advised underage girls on how to have abortions" which is not proven by the videos. He didn't note that Planned Parenthood called the FBI about the alleged sex workers. He didn't note that the DOJ has found that Planned Parenthood was not involved in malfeasance. He opined that a state has the right to decide which agencies with which it wants to contract. Neither he nor Hemmer cited federal Medicaid policy which states that Medicaid beneficiaries have the right to get care at "any institution, agency, community pharmacy, or person, qualified to perform the service or services required (including an organization which provides such services, or arranges for their availability, on a prepayment basis), who undertakes to provide him such services."

Hemmer tossed Fund the scripted agitprop softball when he cited law that prohibits federal funding of abortion and asked "why the lines are fuzzy?" Fund provided the scripted anti-choice, right wing meme about money being "fungible." He said that this is "the argument is that if you give money to Planned Parenthood you're enhancing the budge of the entire organization." (The same argument could be said about aid to Catholic schools - money for textbooks is enhancing the "entire organization" and freeing up cash to provide defense for pedophile priests!). But Hemmer smiled benevolently during the interview which was just another skirmish in the right's war on women in which Fox News, in its war on Planned Parenthood, is the Praetorian Guard!

Fox "News" - "Fair & Balanced" as always!


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