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Brian Kilmeade Attacks Mennonites For Being Un-American?

Reported by Priscilla - June 8, 2011 -

In the world of Fox & Friends, outward displays of patriotism are almost on an equal footing with outward displays of Chrisitanity - both of which are a litmus test for "true" Americans. If certain Americans don't sufficiently subscribe to the Fox & Friends standards of patriotism, they are deemed anathema, even if they happen to be Christians. Last year, I covered a segment in which Christian patriot Brian Kilmeade expressed his utter disdain with a Mennonite College for their decision to play an instrumental version of the National Anthem because they felt the lyrics went against their pacifist tradition. Recently, the Goshen College Board of Directors requested that the college president President "find an alternative to playing the National Anthem" more in keeping with the school's values. These are fighting words for Brian Kilmeade who, today, doubled down on the bile with which he previously treated this topic. In addition to misrepresenting the topic with inflammatory language, he presented an almost exclusively one sided view of the topic in his interview with a student who opposes the policy. But in what was probably the most blatant advocacy for an issue that I have ever seen in reviewing Fox & Friends, he combined his attack on Goshen College with a clear denunciation of the policy which bordered on defamation. It's ironic, don't ya think that while Fox & Friends promotes a certain right wing version of Christianity, they defame another time honored pacivist tradition. The hatred that will sure to be aimed at Goshen, now that this has gone national, doesn't seem very Christian or very patriotic in that it seeks to further divide people. But there's a culture war happening and the true Christian patriots on Fox & Friends are bringing it!

Yesterday, when I saw this story as one of the three sub ledes on Fox News.com., I suspected that Fox & Friends would be on it. And sure enough it was. To a backdrop of Old Glory flying and a flag decal on an American legion hat, Brian Kilmeade, introduced the topic with his patented outrage splutter: "The national anthem is banned" (good incendiary word) in Goshen College in Indiana. Normally they play the national anthem at sporting events, like most events, but now" (said loudly) "they've nixed it from all sporting events because they say it goes against the school's pacifists principals." (Words "pacifist principals" were loudly spit out). He introduced his one guest, Mike Milligan (who appeared as the voice of opposition last year), a student who disagrees with the rules and has "taken action." So far, Kilmeade didn't mention that this "ban" includes a suggestion that an alternative song be played. Milligan's "actions" are a Facebook page and "conversations with people."

Milligan read a statement about the "double standard" at Goshen. He referenced how the Peruvian National Anthem was played while the national anthem was banned. Kilmeade had his best boy-am-I-so-f'ing-pissed look. " To Kilmeade's question of why "they would sing the Peruvian National Anthem." Milligan said it was done by students who had spent a semester in Peru and added that this anthem has as many war references as the American song. He didn't note that it was done at a convocation. Kilmeade shook his head in disbelief. He said that "I know you understand this, without war, we're not America, we had to fight for our freedom and that was written in the war of 1812 and the bombs bursting in air is Fort McHenry surviving the British attack which has already burned Washington." After he spit out the statement from the Board of Directors, referencing "core values" of the school, he said "they're going against what America stands for." He asked if the student body was OK with that. Milligan said that his side was "the silent majority." Kilmeade said that Goshen was a "Mennonite school which is a little less rigid to simplify than an Amish school and they feel it goes against Mennonite tradition and beliefs." (Huh?) Milligan said yes and that the school might want to look into a different song or go with the full version of the national anthem which has more acceptable lyrics (?) As he was speaking, an instrumental version of the anthem was played in the background. After Milligan said that the anthem was played at soccer games, Kilmeade said it was" outrageous" and that Milligan was "doing a great job standing up for our patriotic song in the American tradition." He added that "hopefully the silent majority speaks up and joins your Facebook page." He asked Milligan to direct viewers to the Facebook page.

Comment: We know that Fox & Friends is, officially, an "opinion" show and Kilmeade's opinion was clear. What was missing in this biased piece was the period of study and public commentary, detailed on the college website, leading up to the decision. But that might have cut the propaganda buzz. Given that Fox & Friends is a platform for Roger Ailes views, is it safe to say that Roger Ailes, in addition to Muslims and gays, hates Mennonites? One thing is clear, on Fox & Friends, not all Christians are created equal.

"Violent Lyrics, Mennonite College Bans Star Spangled Banner."
"Oh Say, No More, College Bans National Anthem at Sport Events"
"Star Spangled Banner Benched Goshen College to Stop Playing National Anthem."
"Reflecting School Core Values? No More National Anthem at Pacifist College." - The "money" chyron - message is that pacifism is suspect and not an American "core value."


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